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The cannabis sector has grown since the US Farm Bill 2018 was approved and industrial hemp became legalized. Many businesses have entered the battle with unique CBD products as people learn about the advantages of CBD oils and other CBD merchandise. It's a busy sector, and many CBD brands, small and large, are vying for a piece of the cake.

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How do CBD producers get their word out despite the limits in this fresh avenue of marketing goods that were just recently upheld? How will they overcome competition? By employing a diverse marketing approach that distinguishes your CBD business from your competition. A plan to capture your target audience's attention and convert them into loyal consumers. This post is a detailed overview of CBD marketing tactics. It guides you through the key concerns you should address to effective CBD / Cannabis / Hemp marketing in the near future.

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Why Is CBD / Cannabis / Hemp Digital Marketing Important?

Unlike broadcast and print, digital marketing helps CBD firms to monitor data in real-time and calculate ROI for each digital marketing medium. Cannabis dispensaries may employ digital marketing strategies to target consumers and make necessary adjustments, whereas traditional marketing doesn't quite offer. Considering the competition, you need a tried-and-true marketing plan. Here are a few winning strategies:

Create an Engaging Website

Your CBD business's website gives the initial impression. Your website should also be visually appealing. Apply content marketing to increase customer confidence in your CBD company. A dynamic and interactive website attracts clients. It not only boosts brand image, but also helps to improve your SEO rankings. As a result, to position yourself as an expert in the CBD business niche and have a devoted customer following, you must engage your clients once you have used the appropriate SEO strategies and marketing efforts to attract them to your website.

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The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for CBD / Cannabis / Hemp Brands - 2022

Develop A Strategic SEO Plan

Identifying which keywords should be targeted is essential for any SEO plan. As a result, your website's structure should be basic and logical for search engines to understand and comprehend it appropriately. The logical choice for any CBD business should be something general, such as CBD edibles; however, broad phrases do not make effective primary keywords because there is already significant competition to rank for these inquiries. In any business, SEO is a dependable strategy to raise brand awareness and attract people to your website, where they will eventually buy. However, SEO is even more important in the CBD sector, as numerous prohibitions at the state levels restrict the permissible types of marketing.

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Emphasize On Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves using social media networks to engage with your consumers to promote your brand, generate sales, and generate site traffic. To reach out to new consumers and sustain ongoing connections with existing ones, you need to have a coordinated and regular social media presence. CBD social media advertising is generally a difficult task. Because CBD is derived from cannabis, platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram have outlawed marketing associated with the business. For CBD / Hemp edibles vs topicals social media advertising guidelines, check out our Ultimate Guide to CBD Marketing.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing is another excellent CBD marketing tactic. Email marketing is a low-cost approach to CBD marketing compared to other cannabis online marketing strategies. Email marketing allows you to interact with your customers, market your products, and increase your consumer base.

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Utilize Influencer Marketing

Influencers provide a fantastic chance for your CBD company to develop a community and boost exposure within the CBD community. Employ influencers to post about your company to raise visibility naturally. Then, use the same information to create your own brand's feed. Consumers get to learn about their planned CBD usage from the informed advice of CBD users and supporters on social media. By collaborating with individuals in this arena, you can get your message out to your audience without using conventional paid advertising.

How Do You Calculate ROI?


The ROI speaks volumes about the effectiveness of initiatives on the client's side, assessing the success of the campaign efforts. Digital marketing can provide businesses more discretion over who receives their ad campaign, resulting in less money wasted on those who have no intention of purchasing. Digital advertising is also very ideal for producing meaningful leads that can subsequently be leveraged for re-marketing operations, transforming your marketing expenditure into a method of creating long-term brand advocates.

Challenges of CBD/Cannabis Marketing

The following are the main hurdles of CBD marketing on digital platforms:

Complex and Ever-Changing Legal Landscape

Laws that differ from state to state, seldom, if ever, allow dispensaries to market their goods online.

Advertising Restrictions

Because of legal differences and the stigma associated with marijuana, agencies aren't always keen to collaborate with CBD businesses. The same goes for publications that are prepared to run CBD-related advertisements. Furthermore, Google and Facebook, mainstays for small companies with limited marketing costs, are mostly inaccessible to CBD advertising.

High Interest Rates

Cannabis firms, like any other new market, need to obtain financing to fund future growth. Cannabis businesses do not have access to financial services that many other businesses do because of their fragile legal position. This makes raising finance more difficult and expensive. On the other hand, low borrowing rates have made such prices more affordable in recent years. After the Federal Reserve recently mentioned that it intends to raise interest rates, the sector may face further problems in the near future.

Associated Stigma

As more states legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, society is gradually accepting cannabis as a "normal" drug. However, because cannabis has been outlawed for many years, no policy can ever completely change the perception associated with the substance. When promoting CBD goods online, CBD firms must overcome this stigma, which will take some time.

We Can Help

Handling CBD marketing obstacles demands extensive study and devotion. That is why you should work with a digital marketing firm like Transcend Digital to assist you in promoting your CBD / Cannabis / Hemp business properly. We are a renowned full-service digital marketing agency with enhanced levels of automation, customization, and flexibility that make it simple and profitable to advertise your business online. Check out our CBD Marketing Services one-pager to learn more about our digital marketing solutions.


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