The Future of Digital Advertising in a Cookieless World

ByAlla Elfimova

4 Feb, 2021

Top-7 things to know about the future of advertising in the cookie-less world:


Privacy regulations continue to tighten, as consumer privacy concerns grow.


Cookies aren’t going away entirely; cookie-less world is the third-party cookie-less world.


Deprecation of the third-party cookies means data-driven advertising will rely on persistent IDs.


Growing importance of building and managing an in-house data repository.


Personalization will strengthen with the rise of CDP, DMPs will transform.


Increasing reliance on publishers data, as the walled gardens are getting stronger.


On the measurement side, with the sunset of third-party cookies and ID log files MTA methodologies will need to evolve by establishing the connections with walled gardens to access the data and introducing new ways of processing and stitching the data with the persistent ID.

How brands can action now:

  • Unlock the power of first-party-based strategies; supplement it with publisher / partner data
  • Re-examine your tech stack and implement a best-in-class tool ecosystem: focus on the quality of the data
  • Onboard a CDP solution to increase the effectiveness / ROI of marketing campaigns and create personalized customer experiences at scale

Learn how Transcend Digital helps brands of all sizes build the integrated tool infrastructure to collect, store, manage data and activate it across marketing initiatives.


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