Customer journey analysis and experience design is a necessary process for cementing your brand in a consumer’s mind and increasing life-time value (LTV). Many organizations require outside partners to support with journey development as they are too close to the process and need a fresh perspective to create an unbiased strategy.

We work with clients to clearly understand user engagement at scale – we do this by, leveraging a variety of tools and workflows that give us the insights and to make data-driven decisions.


Reducing learning curve

High dropoff rates are prevalent when users are asked to learn something new – i.e. spend time on something that they don’t truly understand the value of.

We help reduce this friction by working to understand all potential barriers and bottlenecks within your user flows. We then integrate tools that help your users understand features and functionality through guided experiences that create stickiness (i.e. retention).


Empowering self-service

In many cases, people prefer to learn at their own pace, thus provisioning self-service tools creates confidence in product use – and leads to higher engagement.

We leverage chatbots to deliver information, customer support and data collection all with the intent of creating best-in-class customer experiences for customer.


Personalization at scale

Leveraging first and third-party data, we are able to drive on-site and real-time personalization at scale. We are partners with some of the best CDP and personalization tools on the market, thus giving us the ability to see the mar-tech ecosystem holistically and integrate the right tools for your success.

At Transcend, we work to align the interests of all partner stakeholders – from IT & Product to Marketing and Finance, our tactical approach to customer experience will drive value throughout your organization.

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