As brick-and-mortar retail sales are declining and an increasing number of brands are embracing omni-channel distribution models, it is imperative to develop a solid foundation in order to compete. In the digital world, it is much easier and more cost-effective to instantly connect with audiences at scale, yet, it is important to create the right connection, the right sense of urgency, and the right incentives for customers to engage risk-free with your brand.

At Transcend, we specialize in helping brands create offers that drive acquisition and retention of the right customers.



Offers create the urgency to buy – they require careful attention to brand positioning in order to not dilute brand equity or impact profitability long term. We work with brands to create compelling offers that communicate:

  • Great value (all these features for this price?)
  • Risk-reversal (if you don’t like the product, here’s an easy way to return it), and
  • A sense of urgency (calendar, timed, or inventory counter)

We build offers that blend discounts, FOMO, scarcity and location-based incentives.

Once an offer calendar is built, we help clients develop paths to market and support on an ongoing basis or train your teams to do so.



Understanding what platforms your customers are on is vital to crafting messaging that relates to them. Crafting the right messaging at the right time in the right place is critical to yield the right conversions.

We bring a data-driven approach to channel planning — from understanding historical data, competitive analytics, and a constant awareness of how channels are evolving, engaging, and enabling their audience.

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