Organizations–large and small–thrive on taking ideas and innovations to their possible conclusions, and many times seek skills that can help run these projects as programs. The merging of organization’s technology and business-focused areas have pushed executives out of their respective silos. This merging requires leaders to expand their skills, capabilities, and understanding, but also their program management solutions.

We bring a multi disciplinary approach to program management, and have helped organizations achieve measurable outcomes.

While launching any program, we bring a bias to Act with Impact. Overcoming the challenges that come with managing interdependencies while simultaneously maintaining focus on achieving the business objectives takes more than just tactical skills like project planning, action items tracking, and managing a budget.


Some of the programs we have delivered to clients include:

  • Launching a Speciality Day for a personal care product brand and building a social audience, offers, and omni-channel product delivery
  • Replatforming an existing product to rapidly launch a new online financing offering in the $100B maritime industry
  • Working with a leading digital agency to build and launch Portfolio Analysis application for the Financial Analysts market

In all this, we focus on these key pillars of program management:

  • Demand management: One of the fundamental aspects is to ladder up all the requirements to the project goals. Gathering, evaluating, prioritizing, and approving requirements, as well as sorting out nonaligned project or solution ideas
  • Maintaining focus: By actively participating in business and requirement discussions, and taking interest in solution design, we oversee critical activities and identify key areas of focus to help the team identify the best methods for reaching business goals; not just meet a current need but support the long-term goals across the program.
  • Driving governance: To avoid the impediment of progress, we schedule regular checkpoints with accountable program team members to provide timely oversight on program outcomes, clarify direction when needed and provide alignment on the overall program status communicated to key stakeholders.
  • Outcome Management: Business outcome management is arguably the most important capability within the program management framework. Measuring the outcomes of project and solution delivery and mapping those outcomes to the business case promises made in the demand management phase is our proven approach to successful program management.

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