Enterprise IT teams that are on the path to digital transformation are often finding their businesses are shackled to legacy platform investment, custom code that are often undocumented and complicated, and components that don’t lend to integration or modernization.
We have worked across healthcare , financial services, and entertainment verticals to strategize and reduce technology debt that clients have inherited.
Our tiered approach includes:
  • Where does the technology reside
  • What impact does it have on current business processes and what transformations does it not allow
  • What is the cost to replace or upgrade the technology
  • What is the context
  • What is the timeline to manage this debt
  • Seek buy in from leadership, stakeholders, and users
  • Roll out in a phased manner
  • Review code and repurpose to new business goals
  • Conduct user research to leverage acceptance criteria
  • Provide adaptors where possible and retire inflexible components
  • Can the existing product fit new business goals
  • How to pivot the product to a new market need
  • What reorganization can be executed to pivot the platform
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Digital transformation across a diverse portfolio of clients


Compliant cannabis delivery management platform

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Styleguise is an online platform offering personal styling services.

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Publicis Sapient is a digital business transformation company.

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