Even as B2B and B2C businesses diverge, they blur on certain common themes, and messaging is one of them.

At Transcend, we bring both multi- and omni-channel message development, delivery, and engagement experience to help business reach both buyers (enterprise) and consumers, increase open and connection ratios, and lift overall performance.


Messaging for Sales

Increasingly, buyers are toggling between online sites and offline brick and mortars to research and buy products and services.

In a recent study, Deloitte found that digital experiences influence 56 cents of every dollar spent in physical stores.

The right mix of omni channel messaging for sales eliminates friction between channels, integrating and sharing data between them. This empowers customers and consumers to conduct business with brands across channels, and organizations can see channel performance and conversions in real time.


Messaging for Service

At Transcend, we deploy omnichannel messaging for service that allows customers to reach out to brands on any platform, blending all of the conversations around a case so that agents can respond with relevant resolution options.

True Omnichannel eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold and repeat themselves to multiple agents.

Omnichannel messaging in service empowers agents to send and receive case messages from multiple messaging platforms, such as SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Personalization at scale

Leveraging data to drive decisions, using real-time decisions-to-design experiences, and delivering these designs in coordinated distribution across channels set up the framework for personalization at scale.

At Transcend, we collaborate across business units — from the CMO to IT to product to finance — to create personalization that increases customer value while impacting business positively.

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