At Transcend, we work with B2B and e-commerce brands to help lift their personalization efforts by focusing on three core elements: Data discovery,, Automated decision making,, and Content distribution.
Data discovery

We help source a diverse range of data and signals that will help provide a meaningful insight about our clients’ customers.

By using customer data platforms, we help define the probability of customer engagement when presented with certain content or stimulus.

Automated decision making

With such voluminous data and the demand to engage with insights in real-time, we apply automated decision making capabilities, and helps brands are able to leverage machine learning for instant decisioning.

Omnichannel messaging in service empowers agents to send and receive case messages from multiple messaging platforms, such as SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Content distribution

We then plan the distribution of personalised content. We help roll out specific ads depending on engagement with content and visits to certain websites to warm users and prospects.

Digital marketing offers a long list of exciting ways of delivering a personalized experience. Brands must make sure they keep their eyes and ears open for every opportunity, small or big, to deliver the special experience to their valued customers.

Every channel including social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, SEO and SEM, and others, offer tremendous personalization opportunities to engage, promote, and retain customers.

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