Enterprise sales is a complex art, as buyers, influencers, and users go through multi-step decision-making processes. Sales teams that are closely aligned to these decision-making processes, are able to automate many of their outreach exercises, and are contextually relevant to gain trust of buyers.

We have worked within enterprise sales units to help implement a complete marketing automation that becomes the core of the sales process — from prospecting, engaging, revisiting prospects at specific times, automating conversations at scale, and driving the pipeline with personalized touches.


Our B2B Sales Lift approach delivers:

  • An integrated implementation of marketing automation, sales engagement tools, CRM, and reporting
  • Automation through workflows to reduce efforts while driving personalized experiences
  • Plugging leads leaks, intelligent prospect revitalization, and real-time insights

Transcend brings a unique Accountable Marketing engagement to e-commerce clients, where we deploy short-term strategies that produce immediate results in sales, even while we plan a longer term transformation aligned to company goals.


Some of the frequent challenges we have addressed include:

  • Plateauing of sales
  • Decrease in sales volume
  • Shrinking leads across the funnel
  • Poor traffic

Transcend implements a Bottom-up Optimization strategy taking into account audience data, keyword efficiency, channel mix, personalization programs, segments, remarketing, and platforms: leading to a 360 view of the customer. This helps us drive actionable sales programs, automation where required, and personalization-at-scale.

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