We Help Investors Accelerate Their Portfolio's Growth.

In the thick of due diligence and wondering if that startup has the magic to really hit it big? Looking for a team of marketing experts to turbocharge the growth of portfolio companies? Our marketing insights are your compass through the investment journey.

We bring industry expertise and market insights to support investors in evaluating startups' potential to stand out in a crowded market, reach the big leagues, and maintain their position there.

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Why us?

We know what works for one startup might not be effective for another. Our deep knowledge enables us to tailor strategies uniquely suited to each startup's specific needs and market conditions.

We bring creativity, flexibility, and deep industry knowledge, ensuring that you're not just keeping up but setting the pace. With us, it's not about the budget—it's about the smartest use of it.

Assessing marketing strategies and spend is key to spotting a winner. We bring in-depth expertise to evaluate how much marketing firepower a startup needs to soar.

When a startup’s marketing budget's ballooning but customer numbers aren’t keeping pace, CAC goes through the roof. It’s time for swift action. We plug in, identify the #1 thing that’s holding them back and craft a recovery strategy. Think turning crises into opportunities.

Supporting portfolio startups goes beyond initial funding. It's about nurturing them for long-term success and steering clear of flash-in-the-pan success. We focus on marketing strategies that foster continuous, robust growth, ensuring your investments mature into profitable businesses.

Our digital marketing services for investors include:

SEO & Content
Social media
Account based
Mobile app
Paid media
Conversion Rate
Amazon Marketing
Creative & Design

Our Clients

Backed by the best. Our clients secure top VC support.


Transcend Digital's tailored strategy and sharp market insights significantly accelerated growth for a key startup in our portfolio.

Their swift, effective marketing solutions have proven to be an ideal partnership for us as investors.

Zander Geronimos

Head of Partnerships at Metaprop

Every brand has its journey - from launching to evolving. What's your next chapter?

Alla Elfimova

CMD, Transcend Digital

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