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Zepp Clarity, a subsidiary of Zepp Health Global, recently launched their invisible hearing aid models as an over-the-counter (OTC) option. Providing both over-the-ear and nearly invisible in-ear models, Zepp enters the hearing aid space with industry-leading tech coupled with a dedicated support system.




As a new brand entering a very competitive space, it was important to highlight Zepp’s expertise in tech innovation by positioning the brand as an industry leader in both quality and education. To emphasize this, we built a clear path-to-purchase journey providing engaging touchpoints that meet the user at every step in the decision making process.




Zepp Clarity approached us to build a lead generation pipeline for the launch of their 3 flagship products: hearing aid models.

Our goal was to define a clear path to purchase strategy by embodying the phases a typical hearing loss client experiences on their journey to obtain hearing aids. We outlined a 3-phase lead-focused media mix, consisting of Google Ads/Facebook social ad prospecting, while utilizing an aggressive email automation remarketing strategy to move users through the purchase journey.

  1. Analysis of key metrics related to the hearing aid buying process and executed a comprehensive redesign, strategically aligning with industry benchmarks.
  2. Analysis and strategy implementation of a proprietary lead generation strategy: With a focus on driving top of funnel hearing test leads, mid funnel hearing aid sample kit orders and bottom funnel on-page purchases.

  3. Aligning media mix execution that synchronizes with customer service outreach as a means to support the user journey and provide effective communication touch points throughout the buying process.
  4. Email automations positioned to drive down remarketing costs and effectively create internal remarketing touchpoints.
  5. Optimizations of purchase stage campaigns to maximize performance delivery and maintain below industry cost per leads.
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  • $20+ Cost-per-SQL
  • 3000+ sales qualified lead pipeline generated
  • 82% increase in top funnel qualified site traffic

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SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

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