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PPC Management Services


From building brand awareness to lead generation - we design, launch and manage scalable  pay per click campaigns.


As digital architects, we like puzzles. We immerse ourselves into your business to craft tailored omni-channel PPC advertising plans, measured against your business outcomes, not vanity KPIs.

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We hear you!

Online advertising done right can efficiently amplify your sales and boost digital presence by reaching new audiences. PPC advertising done poorly can drain marketing budgets in the blink of an eye. As a profit-making business, these pain points could be haunting your paid ads:

  • Broad targeting
  • Lack of re-targeting
  • Inconsistent landing experience
  • Irrelevant content & creative
  • Lack of tracking & measurement
  • Ever-changing ad management best practices
  • and all of this leads to CPAs that hurt your eyes

Best PPC Agency Solutions

We know PPC management is more than just bids, so we go above-and-beyond to create engaging experiences that connect and build relationships with your consumers.

We take data-driven approach to help you identify the optimal media mix and develop budget flighting strategy that capitalizes on seasonal changes in customer demand.

We measure and optimize omni-channel advertising campaigns and build intuitive reporting solutions to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your PPC investment.

Our solutions include:

  • Social Media advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook / Instagram, NextDoor, Reddit, Quora, TikTok)
  • Paid Search marketing (Google, Bing)
  • Programmatic Display advertising
  • Online Video & CTV advertising
  • Native advertising


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PPC Management Services

Group 2-2-1
Paid Search Marketing

search program audit

account (re)structure

keyword & audience research

tracking & tagging

ad copy

ongoing reporting

24/7 optimization & testing

Group 3-1-1
Social Media Advertising

comprehensive audit

audience targeting strategy

taxonomy implementation

ad copy & creative

conversion-focused LP

ongoing reporting

24/7 optimization & testing

Group 7-1
Display Advertising

full program assessment

audience targeting strategy

publisher research

private marketplace deals

frequency & recency

ad copy & creative

ongoing reporting

Paid Search / SEM Marketing

The beauty of Paid Search advertising is that it's intent-based. Instead of trying to put your marketing message in front of someone who may or may not be looking to buy your product / service, you’re targeting people who are actively looking for a solution to their problems.

Standard Search Ads

We use in-depth insights to align paid ads, targeting options, keywords, and landing pages. You can rest assured your ads will stand out from the pack on the results page. 

We leverage proprietary frameworks to segment search keywords around consumer intent. That way we put your product or service in front of the consumers with the relevant messaging. We audit and optimize your account structure, ad copy, bidding strategies and keyword targets to make sure you’re getting highly cost-effective results from search programs and avoiding wasted spend.

Display Advertising

Ever heard of banner-fatigue? Well, it’s real. But not all display ads created equal! Raising awareness for your product or driving sales, Transcend Digital leverages proprietary audience targeting frameworks and uses high-impact creatives to promote your product or service at scale in brand safe environment.

Programmatic Display & OLV

Programmatic display is a set of technologies that allows your online display ad to appear in front of potential buyers. It involves using data, technology and rules to laser-target these consumers. 

At Transcend Digital, we combine top-in-class media selection, impactful formats, and insightful data. The display ads target potential customers on specific demographics, such as job role, age bracket, current online browsing interest, salary, and more. Expect every display to be creative and engaging enough to drive conversions higher.

Remarketing 2.0

Looking to get more value out of your remarketing campaigns? 

Let's face it- most of your website visitors will exit without purchasing anything or filling out that form. Don't let them slip through your fingers. 

Re-marketing allows you to follow them around the internet, skyrocket your sales, and keep your brand top of mind. This tactic is powerful, especially if your offerings have longer buying cycles or competitive markets. 

We have a track record of setting up and managing relevancy-focused remarketing campaigns for brands with big and small product portfolios. Re-engaging cart abandoners or cross-selling to current customers, our strategies put relevant products in front of high-intent shoppers and drive incremental conversions.

We have expertise in Online Video (OLV), Connected Television (CTV), Google Display Network (GDN), Demand-Side Platforms (DSP), and Premium Inventory.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms are the boon of today's digital marketing. But it's easier to get lost among these channels and their ever-changing algorithms. That's why you need an expert that lives and breathes social media.

Our digital advertising strategies utilize advanced targeting techniques to put your brand in front of customers that are associated with higher propensity to engage and convert. Through constant testing and refinement of audience segments, creative elements and ad copy variants, we invigorate and optimize your ad campaigns that result in a higher return on investment.

We understand each platform's unique way of targeting users. Our Social Media ads attract, engage and convert a laser-targeted audience. Think of any social media channel, and we will have a solution tailor-fit for your business. Leverage our expertise in Social Media advertising across these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit. 



Why Transcend


    End-to-end solutions

    We aren't your typical agency that sends traffic to the site and hopes it converts. We create and optimize across the full customer journey.



    We're optimization ninjas. We monitor and optimize the performance of our clients ads relentlessly: audiences, sites, messaging, day parts, platforms - list goes on!


    Intent-lead creative

    We create thumb-stopping ads. Our secret sauce? We marry audience data with
    engaging imagery to bring to life relevant and
    converting content assets.


    Optimized media mix

    We pick tactics and platforms that drive maximum return on investment for your budget. There is nothing worse than wasted ad spend!


  • SEO, Content Marketing or PPC advertising - which one drives the best results?

    Each of these marketing components plays its own unique role in your business. SEO gives you consistent results and increases the authority and value of your website.


    Content marketing ensures that customers revisit your website again and again because you provide them with valuable content. Eventually, they purchase your products or services due to the established trust as a result of consistent and valuable content.


    When done right, PPC advertising can give you immediate cost-effective results, even if your website is not designed for SEO.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a PPC agency?

    1. Experience

    Native platforms and bid management systems have a lot of bells and whistles. Platform capabilities and best practices change by month. Professional PPC management advertising agency not only knows how to operate the systems, they also stay on top of the latest platform updates, channel experiments. In short, they know what's working today and what's going to work for your business, saving you time and money on the learning curve. 

    2. Access to Data & Tools

    Full-service PPC management agencies have access to proprietary tools and frameworks, 3rd party technologies, and premium media buying inventory to deliver sharp targeting strategy, media mix recommendation, and negotiate the best deal for you.

    3. Holistic Approach

    You can spend time and money launching your next marketing campaign only to discover it's not converting. There could be multiple reasons why: from poor tracking and management to irrelevant copy and mediocre creative. Or maybe your audience targeting is too broad? PPC agencies have in-depth knowledge and experience in developing full-funnel omni-channel marketing plans. Professional media buyers and planners know the essential ingredients of the effective multi-channel media plan.  

  • How much budget should I expect to spend?

    It is difficult to come up with a specific figure because every business has its unique needs and goals. This also depends on the magnitude of the advertising campaigns your business intends to undertake. That is why Transcend Digital takes time to assess your goals and target before arriving at a figure. Some of the factors that determine the price include: your goals, target, timeframe, and much more. 


  • What makes a good PPC agency in 2023?

    Here are just some of the things that make a good PPC agency: 


    1. Expertise 

    A great PPC agency is going to have expertise across multiple advertising channels, because users are spending time accessing content, browsing and researching ideas across devices, channels and a wide diversity of platforms.


    2. Convincing Portfolio 

    The PPC agency's effectiveness in the market is as good as its portfolio is. In addition to gaining knowledge about the brands with which the agency has worked with, it is worth finding out how long the cooperation lasted. Do not judge only the logo placed on the agency's website, look at their completed projects. 


    3. Professional Team 

    A PPC agency's success is dependent on the skills and success of its team members. The team should work well together, understand each other's individual roles, and be able to rely on one another to fulfill those roles. At Transcend Digital, we have a team of professional PPC management experts that work hard to exceed your expectations. 


    4. Data-driven

    Data, measurement, and analytics are necessary components of a successful PPC advertising campaign because they prove the value of your initiatives and enable better decision making, driving success quicker. That's why Transcend Digital PPC management specialists continuously monitor, analyze and optimize advertising campaigns. 

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