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As enterprises grow, they're poised to access and use their data in new ways, and at new speeds.


We create advanced data architectures, implement data solutions and render managed data analytics services for businesses with different levels of data maturity. Our services cover a broad set of techniques used to structure and mine raw data.

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The data only becomes powerful when it’s integrated in the marketing tactics and fuels your business decisions. Modern brands need to adopt new ways of working with big data to harness the full potential that comes with data & tech transformation. Here are some of the data and analytics challenges facing modern brands:

  • Lack of knowledge professionals. To run these modern technologies and large data tools, your business needs skilled data professionals. These professionals will include data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers to work with the tools and make sense of giant data sets.
  • Inaccessible data. Moving data into one centralized system has little impact if it is not easily accessible to the people that need it. Decision-makers and risk managers need access to all of an organization's data for insights into what is happening at any given moment.
  • Managing data coming from multiple sources. The inaccurate analysis comes from the inability to filter data from multiple sources and stitch it together into a single database.

Our Solutions

Transcend Digital helps businesses from 30+ industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most deliberate needs at department and enterprise levels.

Decreasing the time it takes to sift through data and figuring out how it all fits is key to helping organizations reach their growth goals. Extract insights from your data and empower decision-making across the business value chain with our analytics solutions:

  • Data warehousing
  • Visual representation of data and dashboard solutions
  • Customer analytics
  • Web analytics & CRO
  • Cross-channel media budget forecasting & pacing
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence


Group 12-1

taxonomy implementation

data extract, processing, loading

dashboard development

media attribution

cross-platform integration

digital benchmarking

Group 11-1

data warehousing

data governance


data migration

data lake

data quality

Group 8-1

Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

Deep Learning

Neural Networks

Customer Analytics

Text Analytics Solutions

Predictive modeling

Group 2-2-1

yield curve optimization

marginal returns analysis

frequency & recency optimization

media mix modeling

budget flighting

what-if scenario planning

Group 7-1

media incrementality

experiment design

A/B testing

matching markets

audience hold-out

statistical modeling

Business Intelligence

We use tools and proprietary methodologies to create a single source of truth for all your marketing initiatives.

Transcend Digital creates consolidated, intuitive reporting dashboards accessible across multiple teams that empower leadership to make decisions faster, whether it’s planning a holiday campaign, promotional activity or responding to a crisis.

We help you identify and build the reporting solution that integrates cross-channel data, sales data, provides granular insights and accommodates the budget.

We employ proprietary and open-source visualization tools to help you understand patterns in data:

Data Management

Data stores needed in modern applications could be a mix of relational and non-relational database systems. We start by understanding the requirements and assessing your data management processes. We then identify the appropriate storage solution for your application.

Our tools:

Data Science

Machine learning involves teaching machines to make data-driven predictions by training them on known models. From unique ticketing systems for complaints and service requests to orders, products, and inventory data management, we understand how to apply machine learning algorithms to build solutions that address domain-specific problems.

Budget Forecasting

We bring a data-driven approach to channel planning — from understanding historical data, fluctuations in consumer seasonal demand and competitive analytics. 

Historical tactic-level performance data modeling to identify diminishing return point along the media channels yield curves.

Consumer behavior trend analysis and predictive modeling to identify optimal daily budgets to capitalize on seasonal changes in consumer demand.

Testing & Measurement

You can't treasure what you can't measure. The data only becomes powerful when it’s integrated in the marketing tactics and fuels your business decisions.

Today's customer journey is complex. Not to mention ad blockers, iOS14 tracking implications and the anticipated sunset of 3rd party cookies. These are only some of the measurement challenges brands are facing:

  • Does paid media generate incremental value?
  • What is the incremental ROI of paid advertising programs?
  • Which tactics play assisting role in consumer's path-to-purchase?

We develop and implement advanced measurement models to help enterprises understand the value of each media touch point.



Why Transcend

  • Exclusive Technology

    Exclusive Technology & Management Expertise

    We have a track record of successfully delivering a vast array of data & analytics solutions that help brands get the insight to mitigate the risks and forge ahead.


    Holistic Approach

    Digital space is data-heavy, but the data often comes fragmented. We close the loop on the path-to-purchase journey, aggregating data across your platforms to create 360-view on consumer.

  • Fully-vetted Talent

    Award-winning team

    Transcend Digital is a team of data nerds with expertise in data analytics, data warehousing, data visualization, machine learning and AI. We coupe data strategy with world-class software development.


    uniquely positioned

    We're a full-service CX and digital marketing agency. We understand how complex tech and data management can get as companies grow. Optimizing cross-platform data flows, media attribution, and incrementality measurement is our specialty!


  • How to use data analytics to better understand your business?

    Data analytics can help your company in numerous ways. It can identify deficiencies in production, employee efficiency, and logistics along with providing information on untapped markets, customer retention, and overall user experience. Data analysts look at past and current performance as well as using statistical tools to predict future performance.  After analyzing this information, they can provide tailor-made recommendations for improvements and identify problems that you may have overlooked.


    1. Data Collection

    Start by understanding what you're going to use the data for, how you plan to act on the insights derived from data? The possibilities are nearly endless. Some businesses will rely on data from media platforms (social, search, display engines). Another good idea is collecting POS (point of sale) data. If you're an eCommerce business, collecting transactional data is imperative.


    2. Invest in tools that make it easy to understand data 

    Use the right tools to visualize the data and make meaning of it. Remember, the data insight is only valuable when you know how to act on it. 


    3. Be agile

    Data landscape is continuously changing. As new technologies emerge you need to act fast to understand the incremental value a new data source adds to your current data infrastructure.

  • What do data analytics companies like Transcend Digital do?

    A company like Transcend Digital can help you not only with data collection but with analysis that helps you improve business operations. Transcend uses the best digital tools to evaluate your company's performance in the areas of user experience, marketing, media, and other areas to identify problems.


    The next step is to map out solutions that will improve any areas of deficit. After crafting a suitable plan, Transcend works with your company to implement the recommendations, along with providing any needed technical support.


    At every stage, there will be regular contact and open communication to ensure that our goals are aligned. Once the new strategies have been implemented, Transcend offers ongoing support to ensure success and tailor the strategies to accommodate any new concerns.  

  • What makes a good data & analytics consulting agency in 2023?

    A good data analytics consulting firm offers expert advice and assistance in gathering accurate data and turning it into a form you can understand and use.


    It should also provide the necessary assistance in implementing digital tools and software to collect and communicate data efficiently. With this in place, your company can improve customer experience and retention.


    A quality data analytics firm will also help craft individualized marketing strategies that will work best for you, all based on solid, reliable data.


    Most importantly, there needs to be clear communication at every step of the way so that your input is included and your concerns are addressed quickly. 

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