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Alla Elfimova May 9, 2024

Custom Intent Audiences Are the eCommerce Game Changer for Display Ads

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Hey e-commerce folks! Wondering if display ads are just a money pit or a real sales driver? It’s all about targeting the right people at the right time. Let's break down how custom intent audiences can turn your display ads from costly experiments into cost-effective sales machines.

Who Should Be Using Custom Intent Audiences?

  • High-Intent Shoppers Only: If you're looking to catch folks who are just browsing, move along. Custom intent is for targeting users who are ready to whip out their wallets.
  • E-commerce Brands with Clear Buyer Journeys: Your ads need to hit people who've shown interest in products like yours through their search habits.


Why Custom Intent?

  • Precision Targeting: Reach users based on their recent searches—think "users who searched for high-end running shoes."
  • Direct Relevance: Your ad talks about what they care about, right now. No beating around the bush.

How to Make It Work?

  • Define Your Most Valuable Searches: Start with searches that have a direct link to purchasing. What’s the golden thread? Find it.
  • Craft Ads That Speak Directly: Use language and offers that resonate with the searches. They looked up “luxury watches”? Show them your best pieces with a sweet deal.
  • Pick the Right Display Networks: Go where your buyers hang out. Not all networks are created equal.
  • Optimize for Devices: Most shoppers are on mobile? Make sure your ads look great there too.
  • Monitor, Tweak, Repeat: Keep an eye on what's working and refine as you go. More bang for your buck, every time.

Why It's a Budget Saver

  • Avoid the Spray and Pray: Traditional display ads can feel like shouting in a crowded room. With custom intent, you’re whispering directly into an interested shopper’s ear.
  • Cost-Effective Exposure: You’re not just gaining impressions; you’re making impressions count where it matters most.

Wrap-Up: Is This Strategy for You?

If you've got an e-commerce brand and want more bang for your advertising buck, custom intent audiences can be a game-changer. It’s about smarter spending, not just more spending.

Ready to shift your display ads from background noise to sales powerhouse?

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Alla Elfimova

By Alla Elfimova

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