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Alla Elfimova June 24, 2024

Breaking into a New Market Category? Your Content Strategy Needs a Quiz

Alla Elfimova

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Hey SaaS marketers! Breaking into a new market category? Interactive content like quizzes or assessments can be a powerful tool to educate, engage, and convert your audience. Here's a step-by-step guide on using quizzes effectively in your go-to-market strategy.


Why Use Quizzes?

  • Engagement: Quizzes are fun and engaging, making them perfect for catching and keeping attention.
  • Education: They can educate the market about your new category and its benefits in a digestible format. Instead of telling prospects they have a problem, we guided them to the realization through fun, insightful questions. This method helps them reach their own "aha" moment. Ideal for inbound-heavy SaaS with "build your own category" or "go niche" GTM strategies.
  • Lead Generation: Capture valuable data and qualify leads based on their responses.

Who Should Use Quizzes?

  • Innovators and Educators: If your SaaS is pioneering a new category, you'll need to educate your market. Quizzes do this interactively and memorably.
  • Data-Driven Marketers: Looking to gather insights on your audience? Quizzes provide direct feedback from potential customers.

How to Craft an Effective Quiz?

    • Define Your Objectives: Start with clear goals. Are you looking to educate about your new category? Maybe segment your audience for personalized follow-ups?
    • Keep It Relevant and Fun: Design questions that are both informative and engaging. Throw in a mix of multiple-choice and true/false to keep it light.


  • Focus on Value: Each question should lead the participant closer to understanding the value of the new category. Wrap up with a compelling call-to-action, like downloading a whitepaper or scheduling a demo.
  • Promote Widely: Use your channels to promote the quiz—social media, email, your website. Consider paid ads to extend your reach.

Making the Most Out of Quiz Results

  • Analyze Responses: Use the data to understand market readiness and objections. This can guide your content and product development.
  • Segment and Target: Based on responses, segment your leads for tailored follow-up campaigns. This personalizes the journey and improves conversion rates.
  • Educate and Nurture: Follow up with educational content that addresses common questions and concerns raised during the quiz.


Why It's a Game-Changer

  • Builds Awareness: Quizzes introduce and clarify new concepts, helping you build market awareness for your new category.
  • Drives Engagement: Interactive content keeps potential customers engaged longer, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Enhances Lead Quality: By qualifying leads through their quiz answers, you focus on prospects most likely to convert.

Wrap-Up: Is This Strategy for You?

If you’re pioneering a new SaaS category and need to educate your market, quizzes offer a dynamic way to engage, qualify, and convert your audience.

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Alla Elfimova

By Alla Elfimova

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