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Alla Elfimova January 28, 2022

Medical Clinic Marketing: Strategies & Tips to Grow Practices (2023)

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What is digital healthcare? Why is it so important to healthcare? Well, healthcare digital marketing is the process of promoting healthcare services to prospective patients on various online platforms. It is a vital investment for your healthcare services. Medical clinic marketing is the practice of presenting your services to potential clients using digital platforms. Digital advertising is an effective technique to get in touch with existing and potential patients anytime they need it. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project research, about 80% of Internet users have looked up a health-related issue online. This post will discuss the importance of establishing an online presence for your healthcare services.

Digital transformation in healthcare

While healthcare has improved over the years, perhaps the most crucial transformation has been its digitization. Digital transformation is a new approach to offer care, optimize operations, and fulfill consumers' well-being demands. What does digital transformation hold in store for the healthcare industry? It has the potential to improve patient care and services while also transforming operations and lowering costs. The healthcare industry's value chain is shifting from reliance on tangible assets to reliance on digital assets, and the effect will be greater – and more possibilities – than ever before. As a healthcare practitioner, you should be aware that keeping up with the industry's digital revolution may be challenging. A healthcare executive may find it difficult to decide which technology is worth the investment in. Adjusting to the digital era implies abandoning conventional corporate methods and believing that technology disruption will yield major outcomes. Digital marketing is fast paving the way to ensure you stay connected with your patients when they need your help. Most individuals go online to find health information, and the information they find often influences their decision.

Healthcare market forces

Market forces are the external variables that shape the path of an industry. Market dynamics imply major responsible customer options among suppliers and providers that earn a living by servicing the customers who picked them. The short-term and long-term market patterns that investors use to influence their trading decisions are driven by market forces. Market factors have an influence on the economy, which flows into financial market sentiment; therefore, they're vital to think about while managing your portfolio. The major elements that influence the healthcare market, like every other market, are supply and demand. Other market forces to be aware of are:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Market power
  • Healthcare products and services
  • Technology
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The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Digital Marketing

Discover the future of healthcare digital marketing with our expert guide.

Why is marketing important in healthcare?

The healthcare industry has had significant growth and changes over the years. Marketing in healthcare is essential for a range of reasons. It is a fundamental part of sustainable growth, meaning without marketing, there is no increase in new patients, and the old ones may pull away. Here are a couple of reasons why marketing is crucial in the healthcare industry.

1. Communication with patients

Healthcare marketing allows you to foster communication with your patients. For instance, you can send your current patients marketing emails offering them valuable information when using email marketing. This information can be about specific treatments at your facility or how patients can manage their symptoms.

2. Helps with patient retention

Marketing helps you demonstrate knowledge and authority in your field. All patients want to be attended to by a doctor who has experience and expertise. By displaying these qualities, patients will be inclined to book an appointment with you. Therefore, investing in healthcare marketing can help you retain your patients and even book new ones.

3. Awareness

Fundamentally, your facility is your brand, and healthcare marketing helps you create your brand awareness. Therefore, if you have a website, ensure it is well optimized so that any patients with similar symptoms to the content on your website can easily reach you. Healthcare marketing is a critical component of long-term success. Without marketing, there would be no flood of new patients, and even your most devoted patients would gradually drift off. In today's consumer-driven, value-based care environment, a focused, data-driven healthcare marketing approach is critical to success. Healthcare marketers, with the proper procedures and technologies, are ideally positioned to inform, motivate, and connect with consumers and patients with the necessary content across the channels they choose. A well-balanced channel mix combined with the precise targeting and messaging campaign will put your company ahead of your competition.

Medical clinic marketing strategies

Incorporating digital marketing into healthcare can help establish a strong online presence. Having a great digital marketing strategy can help you gain visibility to online patients. Below are a couple of digital marketing strategies you can incorporate into healthcare.

  • Online patient booking and scheduling: Have patient booking and scheduling online and ensure that the process is straightforward. While some patients may prefer to call to schedule their appointment, most patients like to book their appointment online. You can also include the option of virtual consultations. Additionally, online scheduling and booking help you save significant time, and it is easier to track and manage bookings.
  • Mobile responsive websites: Your website's design and user experience matter a lot. First, it will help to ensure that your website can be used on different devices and is easy to navigate. Patients will judge your practice from your website. Patients tend to have negative preconceived notions of a hospital if it has a poor website. Therefore, ensure the design is user-friendly.
  • Take advantage of testimonials: Most patients often turn to testimonials when looking for a healthcare provider who is an expert at their work. Therefore, encouraging patients to leave testimonials can make a significant difference and encourage more patients to visit a healthcare facility. Testimonials create proof of the kind of services you offer, which builds trust and credibility, opening a direct channel for communication with patients. It helps to have patient reviews highlighted front and center on your website or social platforms.
  • SEO Best Practices: Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of improving your visibility on search engines like Google. Implementing this tactic will help you increase website traffic. Here’s an example: using location-based keywords such as "dentist in Seattle." This can help local businesses stand out from competitors located elsewhere. Search engines like Google rank websites by relevance. So, it's always going to be more beneficial for dental practices located in Seattle to make sure they appear first when anyone in the area searches for "dentist in Seattle."

  • Utilizing an Up-to Date-Content Marketing Strategy: Content marketing has become increasingly popular among businesses. It is the new online method for building a brand's image and reputation. This is done by using informative, interesting content. Content marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to promote your company. That's because it allows you to build an audience with trust. You’ll want this to be up to date so that you are sharing relevant content. You want the content to not only benefit your business but be in touch with the community you serve. Every marketing plan will not have the same results.

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  • A/B Testing: Adopt A/B testing to find out which content marketing strategies work best for your company. As well as what kind is more likely to engage with customers. The goal is to lead them towards conversion down the line.
  • Having an Online Presence: The online presence of a healthcare business helps to increase the company's reach and performance. It also helps to increase employment opportunities within the organization. For example, by having a website that enables people to find out about healthcare businesses or professionals near them, they have the potential to increase their audience. Most healthcare niches are highly competitive. This means that businesses have to explore different marketing channels. Some of these include online services and mobile apps. It can also include social media platforms for messaging or connecting with others.
  • Email Marketing: The primary benefit of email marketing in healthcare is that patients can easily receive information. It also doesn't interrupt them or inconvenience them by calling them on the phone. It is especially useful due to the number of people that use email. Both healthcare providers and patients can benefit from email marketing practices. Patients receive emails with information about upcoming appointments and reminders about prescription refills. This is also helpful with general healthcare updates.

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Healthcare marketing challenges

Healthcare marketing challenges tend to be pretty complex. Therefore, it helps to understand the healthcare industry and how marketing in healthcare differs from marketing in other industries. You should also know the healthcare structure limits how and what you can do as a marketer, and you must work within these boundaries. Below are some healthcare marketing challenges.

1. Public perception of healthcare

Generally, the public is not the biggest fan of the healthcare industry, given how hard it can be to find a doctor worth trusting. Therefore, developing a marketing strategy that can charm and win over the public takes a lot.

2. HIPAA compliance problems

HIPAA has a complex set of regulations that govern every aspect of the healthcare industry, including healthcare sales cycles and care delivery. Healthcare marketing compliance can be quite a problem. A healthcare marketer is prohibited from using specific marketing tools like re-marketing ads to protect confidential health data.

3. Tight marketing budgets

Often the marketing budget in healthcare is either tight or non-existent. For instance, hospital outreach is focused on donors, while smaller clinics and practices do not prioritize marketing. Although it is worth noting that pharmaceutical firms typically have significant marketing budgets, this does not suffice, considering other links in the value chain are facing marketing challenges.

Benefits of hiring a healthcare marketing agency

It is increasingly obvious that consumers and patients use internet resources for both early research and ongoing services. As a result, it is becoming especially critical for your organization to leverage digital marketing to improve patient participation and, ultimately, healthcare success. At Transcend Digital, we offer these services, so you can be sure that we will develop an excellent strategy to achieve your desired results. We bring our techno-digital services to help your business grow digitally.

At Transcend Digital, we offer these services, so you can be sure that we will develop an excellent strategy to achieve your desired results. We bring our techno-digital services to help your business grow digitally.

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