Fleet Management Solutions



Fleet tracking solutions are software applications that help businesses manage and optimize their vehicle fleets

fleet management solutions help businesses reduce operating costs, improve productivity, enhance safety, and increase customer satisfaction.


  • GPS fleet tracking +
    Tracking the location of vehicles in real-time.
  • Route optimization +
    Finding the most efficient route for a vehicle to take.
  • Maintenance scheduling +
    Scheduling regular vehicle maintenance to prevent breakdowns.
  • Solution +
    Tracking fuel consumption and optimizing fuel use.
  • Driver behavior monitoring +
    Monitoring driver behavior and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Asset management +
    Managing and maintaining all the assets of the fleet, including vehicles, equipment, and tools.
  • Compliance management +
    Ensuring that the fleet is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Reporting and analytics +
    Providing detailed reports and analytics on fleet performance and identifying areas for improvement.


Manage Fleet Remotely
The daily operations for fleets of any size involve many components, and can be difficult to manage effectively. Implementing software provides a platform to view every aspect remotely, even if the vehicles are scattered across the country.
Increase Vehicle Lifespan
The daily operations for fleets of any size involve many components, and can be difficult to manage effectively. Implementing software provides a platform to view every aspect remotely, even if the vehicles are scattered across the country.
Improve Safety
Fleet management software often includes a driving behavior component, which can even include a video recording feature. Fleet drivers’ habits and behaviors are monitored, helping to prevent damage and improve safety.
Maintain Communication
Many vehicles utilizing fleet management software are now equipped with built-in communication tools for easy communication between businesses and their drivers. Hands-free devices keep everyone safe, while also allowing for the exchange of information and relevant updates.
Dispatch Improvement
Gone are the days of having to radio a dispatcher to find out where a vehicle is and when it will return. Fleet management provides immediate access to fleet locations, vehicle requests and job performance.
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Customers love to know exactly where their delivery is and when it will arrive. Fleet management software offers the ability to provide updates in real time, along with troubleshooting any issues or delays.
Reduce Costs
Built-in tools, such as GPS tracking, help reduce overall costs by providing valuable insight into a fleet. Management software reports can illustrate how much each vehicle is costing a company, allowing management to make improvements or change direction as needed.
Optimize Routes
By utilizing GPS software, managers are able to plan out routes that are both effective and efficient. Information about mapping, fuel usage and other factors is immediately available, meaning that fleet productivity is maximized.


Registration & Sync-up

All vehicles under this program are registered in the system with data sync from different departments including dept of motor vehicles, dept of revenue etc

Device installation

A number of installation centers will be created as part of dept of motor vehicles. Trained technicians will install the GPS tracking devices to the fleet as well as other vehicles

Data Tracking

All installed devices will be tagged and grouped into specific fleets (govt. vehicles, school busses, police vehicles, private groups etc). The platform will track them individually as well as grouped info.

Command Center

A command center will monitor tracking of specific vehicles per the request of law enforcement and other related government bodies.

Monitoring & Reporting

Daily, monthly reports can be generated for different government teams along with other specific reporting requests



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  • Commercial
  • Govt
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  • School buses
  • Govt Transports
  • Private buses
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Delivery Van

  • Pickup truck
  • 4x4 vehicles
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  • Taxi
  • Private Vehicles
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Motor cycle

  • Bike Taxi
  • Motorbikes
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  • All electric vehicles


  • How does a fleet management GPS tracking system operate?

    GPS Modern technology is used by fleet tracking companies to make tracking simple and effective for all parties involved. Telematics is the only source of real-time, accurate vehicle information that the entire tracking ecosystem can rely on. GPS fleet tracking entails the mapping of location coordinates that instantly communicate a vehicle's precise position. The data is then sent in packets to a server, which then sends it to the fleet management tools you've used—either a desktop application or a mobile application.

  • Why should you use a FMS to track your fleet in real time?

    • From the convenience of your home or office, keep track of all of your vehicles.
    • Monitor the state of your assets and set recurring fleet maintenance reminders.
    • To ensure compliance, keep an eye on how your assets are being used.
    • Keep an eye out for wasteful and risky driving practises.
    • Improve ineffective driver routes
    • Verify time card data to lessen inaccurate information.
  • What fuel-saving measures can you take for your fleet?

    A recent study found that nearly 40% of the total cost of fleet operation is attributable to fuel expenses. By optimising routes, fleet owners can cut their fuel costs by up to 20–30% using our fleet management system. Fleet owners can get a 360-degree view of their vehicles with the help of our fleet tracking solutions. Fleet owners would be able to follow the whereabouts and motion of their vehicles at all times and from any location in this way.

  • Do you have access to accurate data through FMS?

    Any GPS fleet tracking programme worth its salt will give fleet owners information. However, some systems will overwhelm them with information, making them waste valuable time sorting through irrelevant data to find the relevant bits. Any fleet management professional will benefit from having fleet management solutions that can give fleet owners quick access to the appropriate types of data and the high-quality customer support they would anticipate.

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