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As enterprises grow, they rely on first-class software that is custom-built to meet their goals.


L.A.-based custom software development company. We're a team of  100+ engineers, data scientists, designers and business analysts. As a platform-agnostic agency, Transcend Digital has deep expertise in architecting and deploying tech across a number of solutions providers cost-effectively.

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Today many companies must be data & tech rich to compete in the market. Fully optimized tech stack gives you the advantage of having a better customer experience, more actionable data, flexibility, and agility. Developing and deploying a new technology is a complex process, that requires multiple stakeholders alignment. You’re likely here because of one of the following reasons:


  • Looking to build a new software application
  • Migrating to a new platform
  • Merging multiple tech instances
  • Being held back by bad/old technology
  • Struggling to get out of “tech debt"
  • Worried about losing data
  • Under pressure to move to a new system quickly

Software Development Solutions

We've been helping organizations achieve long-lasting leadership in the global arena by creating innovative, scalable and robust software solutions since 2017.

Whether it's building a new technology, integrating a platform or re-engineering existing software - our highly-skilled engineers will analyze your goals and business needs to develop a solution that fits into your current tech infrastructure and effectively optimizes business processes.


Our industry expertise:

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Custom Software Development Services

  • IT Strategy & Consulting
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  • Custom Software Development
    Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Software Integration
    Enterprise Software Integration
  • Application Modernization
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  • Maintenance & Support
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Custom software development cycle


Talk to us and share your perspective on business current and future priorities, challenges, and needs. We then take your inputs and findings from our proprietary research to prepare a detailed specification document.


We map the user flows, creating a 360-system architecture. Our goal is to build relevant and frictionless experience for the end user.


We code the system using modern programming language, the latest techniques, databases and methodologies.

Testing & Debugging

All our projects include quality assurance (QA) testing to make sure everything works as per the specification document. We identify and fix system glitches and other flaws.


Once approved, the fully-functioning software is rolled out.


We ensure the system is functioning properly and is up-to-date by regularly evaluating its performance and making necessary optimizations.


We bring together a robust tech stack to power the front-end and back-end development of your software,
making sure the end product is lightweight, agile and scalable.

  • Programming Languages
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    • c


    • objc


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    • Groovy


    • swift@2x


    • kotlin


    • php


    • Rust


    • Scala


  • Frameworks
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      JDBC / JPA

    • JMS


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    • EJB


    • Apache Camel

      Apache Camel

    • nodejs-1


    • firebase


    • LDAP

      LDAP / Active Directory

    • Reactive


    • AKKA


    • Reactor


  • Database Management
    • no-sql


    • mysql


    • Oracle SQL

      Oracle SQL

    • postgresql


    • Microsoft SQL-new

      Microsoft SQL

  • Cloud Solutions
    • AWS


    • Google Cloud

      Google Cloud

    • Oracle Cloud

      Oracle Cloud

    • IBM Cloud

      IBM Cloud

    • Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure

    • sap-cloud


Why Transcend

  • Exclusive Technology

    premium solutions

    At Transcend we combine custom design and development solutions with data intelligence to deliver unmatched results.


    We start with an in-depth research of your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas, we analyze audience behaviors to create tailored customer experiences that drive engagement.

  • Fully-vetted Talent

    award-winning team

    With 300+ combined years of experience, our team has an excellent track record of developing custom enterprise software for brands across the globe.


    Data-driven strategy

    Data is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the best customer experiences are built off of diligent analyses of customer & market data and rigorous testing plans.

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Marketing Playbook


  • What is digital transformation and why it's important?

    An enterprise digital transformation is the implementation of digital solutions to your company's systems. With digital enterprise transformation, you can have a comprehensive suite for planning, implementing, and running things to thrive in a digital culture.


    Digital transformation entails a lot more than just implementing digital technology. It's about talent and technology. Strong leadership, a customer-centric culture, and the ability to manage and initiate change are the key factors for an effective digital business strategy.


    By implementing a digital transformation roadmap (various technologies like cloud solutions, CRM, CMS, artificial intelligence/ machine learning, digital twins, and more), businesses deliver operational optimization and value to customers, while enhancing the employee experience. With customer expectations soaring and working styles changing just as radically, a digital transformation is no longer a mere option but absolutely essential.

  • Who has had success leading a digital transformation?

    Digital technology innovation is a journey, not a destination. If there's one thing to learn from the successful examples of tech innovation, it is how having the correct organizational practices in place is imperative for winning such initiatives. Here are some examples of effective digital transformations: 



    Allergan (AbbVie) is one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and is at the forefront of digital transformation. The company revamped a customer loyalty program with advanced fraud detection systems using advanced data analytics with machine learning models. This enabled Allergan to manage its 20K+ doctor offices, reaching over 250K patients. Read the full case-study here.



    A high-end label powered through digital transformation, implementing custom product feed, ship-to-store functionality, and complex checkout integration with payment gateways.

    Societe Generale

    A French multinational banking and financial services company completely restructured its technology stack, streamlined sales, and service operations to meet the needs of modern consumers. The company automated users’ service requests through email ID, implemented a unique ticketing system for complaints and service requests by geographic location.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a custom software development company?

    For a seamless transition over to digital technology, hiring a custom software development company is a smart move.

    • You get access to quality resources, some of which you might not have.
    • Experience and expertise are guaranteed since you tap into resources and skills that help accelerate project implementation.
    • Risk mitigation from unforeseen complications.
    • Flexibility and scalability.
    • Digital technology firms have the best security practices to protect you from cybercrime and other issues.

    Whilst you will know your business better than anybody else, you are unlikely to have the technical knowledge needed to carry out a digital transformation. Therefore, a consultant will help you to decide on the most effective ways to integrate digital technology into certain areas of your organization.

  • How can big data provide solutions in the healthcare sector?

    Two key elements in data usage that are important in the healthcare sector are the ability to share data in a way that improves operations and to analyze it for strategies to improve patient outcomes.


    There is a huge amount of data collected in the healthcare setting, and this raw data must be translated into a usable form for clinicians, administrators, outside partners (such as insurance companies), and the general public. Each of these parties must have access to clear, reliable information that they can use to make crucial decisions.


    Specialized software tools and programs can not only acquire data, but clean, validate, and analyze it in order to provide actionable information that the organization can use to achieve its goals.   

  • How can big data provide solutions in the financial sector?

    The financial sector collects an extraordinary amount of data on its customers, but many companies struggle to use that data in a useful way. One important task for data analysts in this field is collecting data from different sources and using digital management tools to structure it in a way that is usable.


    Once this data has been structured, decision makers can get a clear view of key performance indicators and be able to monitor them better. They can track other important metrics to see where improvements can be made and quickly identify waste, fraud, and inefficiencies.


    Data can also be used for predictive analytics, guiding the company's decisions to increase profit and avoid unnecessary losses.

  • What makes a great custom software development company in 2022?

    When it comes to custom software development, you need experts to recognize your needs, maximize efficiency, drive adoption and minimize risks and threats. Here is what makes a good technology consulting and custom software development agency: 


    1. Technical Skills. Discuss the firm's areas of expertise and get a clearer picture of their offerings before collaborating with them.
    2. Experience. Check to see if their clients, projects, industries, and obstacles are related to yours.
    3. Proposal. Ensure that your IT consulting partner puts together the proposal that also includes an assessment of your company's needs with details of how each piece of the project contributes to the overarching tech roadmap.

    At Transcend Digital, we've been building effective software solutions for enterprises since 2017. Contact us to discuss your goals.

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