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Choosing the right tech solution can make or break an eCommerce brand's digital success.


We make digital transformation easy for our clients. As a platform-agnostic agency, Transcend Digital has deep expertise in architecting and deploying tech across a number of solutions providers cost-effectively.

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Today many companies must go digital and be data-rich to compete in the market. Digitally-optimized tech stack gives you the advantage of having a better customer experience, more actionable data, flexibility, and agility.

Deploying new technology is a complex process, that requires multiple stakeholders alignment. You’re likely here because of one or more of the following reasons:


  • Migrating to a new platform
  • Merging multiple tech instances
  • Being held back by bad/old technology
  • Struggling to get out of “tech debt"
  • Worried about losing data
  • Concerned about barriers to tech adoption
  • Under pressure to move to a new system quickly



Our Solutions

At Transcend, we understand the pain points you undergo in your quest to adopt digital transformation. Transcend Digital is a full-service digital solutions company that provides client-focused, innovative, and business-driven techno-digital services to improve profit margins, customer experience, and retention.


Our platforms & technology solutions include:

  • CRM implementation
  • CMS deployment
  • Commerce cloud integration
  • Re-platforming
  • CDP onboarding
  • Marketing automation system integration
  • Tech debt optimization
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Commerce cloud
mobile commerce


production support


CRM platform
Call tracking
Survey & voice of customer tools
Customer support


Content & asset management

Customer messaging & live chat

360 customer data management


Order management
Product, inventory, and price management
Payments, tax, and fraud
Configure price quote (CPQ)



Marketing automation
Cloud computing
Media management platform
Web Analytics
Business Intelligence


tech debt optimization

Ad server & Media buying tech
Data Management Platform
ERP system

Integrate Commerce Ecosystems

Whether you are in need of freshening up your existing eCommerce site or completely re-platforming to another, Transcend Digital is a full-service partner certified with leading platforms. As a platform-agnostic agency, Transcend Digital has deep expertise in architecting and deploying stores across a number of solutions providers.

Is your business's digital objective to create hyper-personalized CX, enhance performance on mobile channels, or take advantage of your company's global presence? Commerce cloud can help you achieve all that, and Transcend is here to help you implement it. Our certified IT architects, developers, and consultants can design, customize, implement, and integrate commerce cloud to your business on schedule and within your budget to ensure you realize a winning digital strategy. 

Aside from the technical aspects involved in changing systems, re-platforming is an opportunity to review the purchasing process and integrate new payment methods that are more suitable for customer expectations. Transcend Digital is ready to guide your business into this technology and harness its efficiency. 

Certified Partners:

Power Up Customer Management

Customer relationship management is the combination of practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth. CRM systems aggregate customer data across multiple sources, such as company's website, call management system, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social networks. CRM solutions support businesses by creating golden records about their clients.

In order to speak to your customer, you must first know their language. Equal parts strategy and technology, customer relationship management is about using data to understand your customers—and boost sales. Our team of certified Salesforce and HubSpot CRM consultants supports our clients in selecting and implementing the best-fit CRM software for their particular industry and situation. 

Whether you need to integrate your existing systems or have a tailored CRM platform developed from scratch, Transcend has you covered. Regardless of your IT infrastructure's complexity, our crew of digital experts uses the right approach to integrate a powerful CRM platform with your existing software suite for smooth data generation and exchange and advanced collaboration.

We provide CRM audit and optimization, CRM upgrade to the latest version, configuration, integration with other systems, data transformation and migration, CRM administration, support, and training of your team.

Our team has expertise in HubSpot, Oracle CRM, Salesforce,  MS CRM, Zoho CRM, VTiger & many open source CRM.

Certified Partners:

Build Consumer-first Experiences

Transcend Digital has domain expertise in architecting and deploying CMS solutions. We are experts in personalizing customer journeys that drive acquisition and loyalty with consumers.

Content Management System deployment

Are you spending more time and money on web content management? Transcend can integrate a reliable CMS software into your website, enabling you to automatically schedule when you add content to your site, whether it's a blog post, web content, or article. Our digital and technology experts are ready to collaborate with you to deliver a wide range of CMS solutions, including CMS-centric web development, custom CMS templates, mobile-first web design, and custom features (modules, databases, functionality, and mobile apps).

By combining our user-centric design principles and development with one of our CMS partners’ personalization capabilities, we deliver digital solutions that help our clients achieve their business and marketing objectives.

Customer Data Platform implementation

A customer data platform (CDP) is a  technology used by marketers to understand their organization's customers and scale personalized experiences across marketing, sales, and service channels. CDPs collect customer touch point data from all first-party data and third-party data sources and stitches them together into a single, persistent profile for each customer. It then empowers marketers and other business teams with customer behavior intelligence: user journey behavior, audience segmentation, and predicting next-step-actions.

Our CDP deployment services range from cloud CDP deployment and data integration setups to application integration and employee training. Take advantage of our expertise and get unmatched CDP integration services for your off-the-shelf applications or customized and unified customer database.

At Transcend Digital, we will help you to integrate content and asset management platforms into your business for you to better understand your organization's customers and scale personalized experiences across marketing.

Certified Partners:

Enable Seamless Transactions

At Transcend Digital, we help you to track orders from inception to fulfillment and manage the people, processes, and data connected to the order as it moves through its lifecycle. Order management starts when a customer places an order and ends once they receive their package or service. It allows a business to coordinate the entire fulfillment process. The workflow involved can differ based on a company's needs, but we always create a unique system that meets your requirements.

Streamline, Measure & Automate

Marketing Automation software integration

Marketing automation is software that automatically manages (and therefore, streamlines) the marketing processes within multifaceted digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation integration helps businesses save costs and time by alleviating the need to repeat their marketing actions, such as sending emails, social media practices, and other impersonal activities. Our marketing automation solutions assign such tasks to a single automation platform, streamlining your marketing processes. It allows sales and marketing teams to manage and coordinate marketing campaigns online and offline. 

Business Intelligence systems onboarding

Business intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make informed tactical, operational, and strategic decisions.. We work hand in hand with you to implement a BI system that helps you have a comprehensive view of your organization's data and use that data to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market or supply changes.

We boast expert BI developers, data and DevOps engineers who will plan your BI project, taking the project's unique requirement, scale, and specificity to create the proper set of steps for implementation. Besides, you can depend on us for BI implementation consultancy to help you make the right decision in BI solution concept, launch strategy, software selection, and BI needs analysis. 

Cross-Platform Integration

Your business needs the right tools to guarantee cross-platform information sharing and efficient portfolio management. Cross-platform, also known as multi-platform or platform-independent, is a product or system that works across multiple types of platforms or operating environments, such as Windows, PC, laptop, smartphone, or different proprietary software. We work to integrate different systems of your business, such as media buying, DMP, CRM, SSO, Ad server, among others, into a cross-platform setup.

We conduct technology audits to identify 3rd party Enterprise software that can be implemented to drive further operational efficiency. We evaluate your existing tech stack and usage of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to identify and integrate solutions.



Why Transcend

  • Exclusive Technology

    Exclusive Technology & Management Expertise

    We have a track record of successfully delivering a vast array of digital technology solutions that help brands achieve their business and marketing objectives.


    Holistic Approach

    We leverage our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, CX, data, and technology to create tailored and ROI-first solutions to transform your business's digital infrastructure for better outcomes. 


    uniquely positioned

    We're a full-service customer experience and digital marketing agency, which means we understand the nuances of technology deployment implications on all facets of your business: from logistics, to data management, to digital marketing programs.


    Data-driven approach

    Digital space is data-heavy, but the data often comes fragmented. We close the loop on the path-to-purchase journey, aggregating data across your platforms to create 360-view on consumer.


  • What is enterprise digital transformation and why it's important?

    An enterprise digital transformation is the implementation of digital solutions to your company's systems. With digital enterprise transformation, you can have a comprehensive suite for planning, implementing, and running things to thrive in a digital culture.


    Digital transformation entails a lot more than just implementing digital technology. It's about talent and technology. Strong leadership, a customer-centric culture, and the ability to manage and initiate change are the key factors for an effective digital business strategy.


    By implementing a digital transformation roadmap (various technologies like cloud solutions, CRM, CMS, artificial intelligence/ machine learning, digital twins, and more), businesses deliver operational optimization and value to customers, while enhancing the employee experience. With customer expectations soaring and working styles changing just as radically, a digital transformation is no longer a mere option but absolutely essential.

  • Who has had success leading a digital transformation initiative?

    Digital technology innovation is a journey, not a destination. If there's one thing to learn from the successful examples of tech innovation, it is how having the correct organizational practices in place is imperative for winning such initiatives. Here are some examples of effective digital transformations: 



    Allergan (AbbVie) is one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and is at the forefront of digital transformation. The company revamped a customer loyalty program with advanced fraud detection systems using advanced data analytics with machine learning models. This enabled Allergan to manage its 20K+ doctor offices, reaching over 250K patients. Read the full case-study here.



    A high-end label powered through digital transformation, implementing custom product feed, ship-to-store functionality, and complex checkout integration with payment gateways.


    Societe Generale

    A French multinational banking and financial services company completely restructured its technology stack, streamlined sales, and service operations to meet the needs of modern consumers. The company automated users’ service requests through email ID, implemented a unique ticketing system for complaints and service requests by geographic location.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a digital technology firm?

    For a seamless transition over to digital technology, hiring a digital transformation consultant is a smart move.

    • You get access to quality resources, some of which you might not have.
    • Experience and expertise are guaranteed since you tap into resources and skills that help accelerate project implementation.
    • Risk mitigation from unforeseen complications.
    • Flexibility and scalability.
    • Digital technology firms have the best security practices to protect you from cybercrime and other issues.

    Whilst you will know your business better than anybody else, you are unlikely to have the technical knowledge needed to carry out a digital transformation. Therefore, a consultant will help you to decide on the most effective ways to integrate digital technology into certain areas of your organization.

  • What makes a good technology consulting and integration agency?

    When it comes to digital transformation, you need experts to recognize your needs, maximize efficiency, drive adoption and minimize risks and threats. Here is what makes a good technology consulting and platform integration agency: 


    1. Technical Skills. Discuss the firm's areas of expertise and get a clearer picture of their offerings before collaborating with them.
    2. Experience. Check to see if their clients, projects, industries, and obstacles are related to yours.
    3. Proposal. Ensure that your IT consulting partner puts together the proposal that also includes an assessment of your company's needs with details of how each piece of the project contributes to the overarching tech roadmap.

So what’s next? Let’s work!

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