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Many brands rely on email marketing to grow their businesses. Research shows that email marketing has an ROI of 4200%, proving why it remains most businesses' preferred choice. Learn more about the Top Marketing trends in 2023 on our blog here. A good email service provider (ESP) contributes significantly to a business's marketing.

That said, there are tons of ESPs in the market today, making it hard for marketers to make a choice. Luckily, in this article, we will help you narrow down the search by comparing two giants in the market, Mailchimp and HubSpot.

We will look at some tips to help you determine the best ESP for your business as we compare these two platforms. So, read on to find out.

1. Security

HubSpot and Mailchimp are some of the most secure ESPs, with close to no complaints from their users. Emails contain a lot of personal data, which requires a secure channel. So, security should top the list on your ESP's quality. The email service provider should have strong encryption safeguards and other security measures to boost the safety of your clients' data.

2. Budget

There is a variety of ESPs of different price ranges. Having a budget helps narrow down your search. It is important to note that there are also free ESPs, but they may not have all the features necessary to push your business to its full potential. Also, there are very affordable email service providers and other expensive ESPs.

Depending on the size of your business and marketing strategies, you can select the best email service provider. For instance, if it's a small business, you need an affordable ESP with the right features based on your marketing strategies. If it's a big enterprise, then some of those expensive ESPs with complex functionalities should be your choice to help your business meet its potential.

In this case, Mailchimp is more affordable compared to HubSpot. That is one of the reasons which qualify it for smaller businesses.

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3. Features

The right features play a huge role when selecting an ESP. For instance, both HubSpot and Mailchimp have a combination of email marketing tools that boost their functionality. They both have customizable templates and a drag and drop option to ease workflow. That way, clients can create professional emails quickly as they work on other areas of marketing.

These features are coupled with other marketing tools like the CRM, available on both ESPs. The CRM helps track clients' behaviors, which helps in prediction. Additionally, these two provide analytical reports on email marketing KPIs. You can easily track your email's deliverability, click rates, open rates, conversion rates and replay rates. What else would a marketer need?

We summarized how the two platforms compare across key features in this inforgraphic.

HubSpot vs Mailchimp: Choosing the Best Email Service Provider for Your Business

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4. Customer Support

Although most ESPs perform well, it's great to consider the quality of their customer support. Sometimes, you might have issues with the services and need help. So, it's crucial to ensure the provider has stable and efficient customer support. You can verify this before purchasing an ESP by researching the website for a few details.

One of the methods to verify the quality of customer support is by checking for an active FAQ section on the website. Also, sending in an inquiry helps gauge how fast the provider is at responding to queries. Lastly, you can check if they have tutorials on ESP, which represents their commitment and care to help.

Both HubSpot and Mailchimp have a stable customer support system that ensures their customer's  needs are a top priority.


HubSpot is a natively built CRM platform with full Marketing Automation, Sales, Service, CMS and Operations functionality. If you're looking for a fully integrated solution, we recommend HubSpot.

That said, you don't have to struggle to make the best choice when it comes to picking a suitable ESP. Contact us today and find help in selecting the best email service provider depending on the nature and size of your business.

Alla Elfimova

By Alla Elfimova

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