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Vidya Chokkalingam December 18, 2021

Turning Your Idea into a Mobile App? Start with CX - Here's Why

Vidya Chokkalingam

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CX (customer experience) is an integral part of your company's profitability, reputation, and success. The concept of CX has been around for several years. However, many companies started paying sufficient attention to it only recently. Some of them still confuse it with UX (User Experience) or use the terms interchangeably.

Any steps toward improving profitability should be taken with CX in mind. If you are planning to turn your idea into a mobile app, you need to dive deep into the CX concept and allow it to tweak the process.

Let's take a closer look at the differences between CX and UX and why the former matters for your app development plans.

CX vs UX: What's the Difference?

Let's start with the definitions:

  • User experience — an experience a user receives when interacting with your product or service.
  • Customer experience — an experience a user receives when interacting with your brand. In short, UX is part of CX.

For example, if you are selling flowers and want to provide an excellent user experience, you have to:

  • Sell the freshest flowers possible.
  • Create beautiful bouquets.
  • Provide additional products that help flowers stay fresh for as long as possible.

The above actions ensure the user's satisfaction with your product

Meanwhile, CX is a much broader concept. To achieve a top-notch customer experience, you have to:

  • Arrange convenient delivery options.
  • Provide sufficient information to the customer across various channels.
  • Follow up with customers after you fulfill their orders.
  • Provide support at all stages of the customer's journey.
  • Arrange excellent UX.

A mobile app is a part of your CX improvement effort. You need to design an app with an intuitive interface, simple navigation, appealing structure, visual hierarchy, and anything else that makes using the software easy and enjoyable while giving the customer easy access to your product.

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Importance of CX

Here are a few stats to help you understand the importance of CX for mobile app development and beyond:

  • Brands that provide excellent customer experience can generate 7 times more revenue than their competitors.
  • Customers are willing to pay 5 times more for stellar CX.
  • 81% of marketers expect to compete mostly on the basis of CX.

Mobile apps improve customer experience by:

  • Tracking the customer's journey and helping sales and marketing teams design a personalized experience for each user.
  • Helping the company receive valuable feedback to improve customer experience further.
  • Allowing companies to reach out to customers with top offers.
  • Answering questions and solving problems in real-time and on the go.
  • Providing data for predictive analysis that helps the company adjust to the customer's changing needs.
  • Allowing the company to adopt a fully customer-centric approach.
  • Providing an omnichannel customer experience.

Overall, a mobile app can be extremely useful for sales and marketing teams while improving customer satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

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CX and Mobile App Development

A mobile app is an effective CX improvement tool. Besides simplifying your interaction with the customers and streamlining your marketing and retention efforts, the app can help increase customer satisfaction and boost your company's profitability.

Here are a few ways to improve CX with a mobile app.

1. Creating a Seamless Buying Experience

For a while, mobile apps had a bad rep for being slow and hard to use. Days when customers could put up with speed and interface issues are gone. The 21st-century consumer expects a seamless experience with an app, otherwise, they click the "delete" button within seconds.

By creating a seamless buying experience, it's possible to increase the number of users tremendously, thus getting access to higher volumes of data to analyze. Meanwhile, it can help the customer enjoy the experience with your brand much more.

Key aspects of a seamless buying experience with a mobile app include:

  • As few clicks as possible to achieve the desired goal.
  • Pre-filled forms with customer information.
  • Simple payment options.
  • Easy contact buttons.

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It's important to keep in mind that when experiencing a problem with a mobile app, 52% of users will abandon it while only 33% will contact support.

All the above must be considered during the app development process even if you don't plan to use the app as your main buying channel.

2. Providing Easy Access to Customer Service

More than 60% of millennials are willing to pay more for better customer service. With customer service being an integral part of CX, it's vital to pay special attention to improving it. A mobile app can provide easy access to round the clock customer service by:

  • Providing easy customer service access buttons.
  • Implementing chatbots to solve simple problems 24/7.
  • Taking advantage of live chat.
  • Designing an in-app FAQ section with a search field.
  • Providing in-app feedback options.

When building an app, it's imperative to implement as many customer service options as possible. It can help you collect vast amounts of data to use for your sales and marketing campaigns while offering proactive support.

3. Creating a Personalized Experience

The importance of personalization is impossible to ignore. The 21st-century consumer expects a personalized experience from any brand they work with. A mobile app can help you personalize the CX by:

  • Pre-filling forms with user information (the buying process can be reduced to a couple of clicks).
  • Using geolocation to make offers to local customers.
  • Sharing content relevant to the customer's searches, demographics, and buying behavior.
  • Using previous purchase behavior to suggest products or services.

By implementing as many data collection elements into your mobile app as possible, you can streamline personalization, customer service, purchasing process, and many other aspects of CX.

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The Takeaway

Top-notch customer experience is the driving force behind your company's profitability. Without the right focus on CX, it may be impossible to achieve the desired conversion rates or hold on to your market share.

A mobile app is a highly effective CX improvement tool. By keeping CX in mind during the development process, it's possible to create an irreplaceable assistant for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Vidya Chokkalingam

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