Mental preparation app for runners joins Adidas's global accelerator

Neurun helps runners prepare for the race visually



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Neurun equips runners with visually immersive route guides, curated by local experts, to help achieve fitness goals out on the roads and trails. With the app, runners could find an event, select a route, study a course in detail, see the HD footage and submit their time.



Neurun's founder and CEO, Cade Netscher, a neuroscience graduate, was seeking to build a mobile application that enabled runners to mentally prepare for marathon races. The app needed to allow runners to see a race course prior to actually running a long-distance marathon. The application need to host marathon course video content and map data from the physical world to overlay onto the course video (altitude, mile-markers, etc.). Commerce and social integrations were necessary as well to enable brand sponsored commerce as well as community engagement amongst runners around the globe. Neurun was in need of a software development partner that could take their vision and develop a product roadmap & customer experience that engaged runners around the world.

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Transcend worked through technical hurdles & solve complex problems with elevation & other data that was ingested through Neurun hardware camera APIs.

We worked day in and day out with the founders for over 4 months roadmapping, developing and launching an MVP solution. Our product managers & architects were hands on as the team developed and launched their MVP solution.

Transcend Digital developed the mobile applications that power the training of endurance runners around the world. The applications allow for users to

  • Visualize all elements of a course (mile markers, elevation, aid stations, important landmarks)
  • View geo-tagged insights from event and coaches to help participants develop a more mindful approach to achieving their goals
  • Participate in weekly training Q&A's with coaches
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  • Transcend designed and developed iOS and Android mobile applications for Neurun
  • Neurun has been able to secure partnerships with some of the leading running brands to help develop & foster their running communities with the mobile application
  • Neurun powers some of the largest running events - San Francisco Marathon, Adidas Infinite Trails, LA Marathon
  • Neurun was selected to join the Adidas Sports Accelerator
  • Transcend has been supporting the founders for over 3 years"

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Cade Netscher
Neurun CEO

Our launch at the Adidas event was a huge success, with over 90% of their registered participants using our app with high frequency and sharing high praise about their experience with our team and their social networks. Now we are in position to do larger projects with clients like Adidas thanks to Transcend Digital who will continue to be our trusted partner going forward."