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PaintJet is a robotic painting company from Nashville, developing a system and proprietary anti-corrosion paints for ultra-precision large infrastructure painting, 14x faster than manual methods. The robot, mounted to a lift, is ground-operated.

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Breaking into the construction market, deeply rooted in traditional vendor hiring practices, presented a significant hurdle for PaintJet. The company faced the dual challenge of not only introducing a groundbreaking robotic solution but also convincing a traditionally conservative industry of its efficacy and value. PaintJet required a strategic approach to disrupt these conventional methods, identify the most responsive audience segments, and articulate the benefits of their next-generation technology in a compelling, understandable manner.

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To propel PaintJet forward, we implemented a multifaceted approach that included:

  1. We embarked on a collaborative journey with PaintJet, crafting a detailed go-to-market strategy and budget projection.
  2. Our approach involved deep dives into keyword research and content analysis, pinpointing topics that resonated strongly with their target market.

  3. This research informed our creation of engaging blog content and valuable lead magnets, including guides, scorecards, and executive trend reports, designed to captivate and educate potential clients.
  4. A sophisticated paid media strategy broadened our reach, while personalized marketing automation workflows kept leads engaged through every step of their journey.
  5. Additionally, we introduced a lead scoring system to streamline the sales process, enabling PaintJet's team to zero in on highly qualified prospects.
  6. The development of compelling sales materials further supported their efforts, ensuring PaintJet's innovative solutions were presented with clarity and impact.
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  • 10Xmarketing leads pipeline by M3
  • 64%search appearances increase on social

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SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

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