SaaS startup sees 7x boost in MQLs, 50% uplift in calls booked

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Fyxt provides innovative solutions to the commercial real estate industry, designed to improve businesses' NOI and reduce operational costs. Founded in 2017, Fyxt is a fast growing venture-backed company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Fyxt platform helps property management teams work together on a whole new level.



Fyxt developed a best-in-class technology for commercial property managers that bridges the disconnect between commercial asset owners, managers, tenants and service providers. With amazing product in their hands and several first customers using the platform, Fyxt founders needed a growth plan.

Fyxt approached Transcend Digital to help identify company positioning, develop communication strategy and fully manage paid, owned and earned media to build a pipeline of leads.

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We started by conducting an in-depth audience research, content gap analysis and developed a content strategy that successfully communicates Fyxt unique value proposition and resonates with the target audience.

  1. With the clear brand positioning and content strategy, Transcend started laying the foundation, by building out well-oiled lead generation machine on the website: developed exclusive content, designed the forms and built gated content landing pages to capture high-quality leads. Every piece of content produced was developed with SEO in mind to ensure the content is relevant and optimized to the right keywords.

  2. Transcend fully developed Resource / Blog section. We have been creating and publishing search-engine optimized articles monthly.

  3. To improve discoverability of the content, Transcend conducted full website audit to identify areas of improvement in terms of SEO. We optimized page titles, alt tags and metadata, improved mobile responsiveness, added schema markups.

  4. From there, we started building out our paid media campaigns. We designed and developed content (case-studies, comparison charts) that demonstrate Fyxt benefits and value to capture and convert high-intent audiences in the middle of the funnel.

  5. To fill a pipeline of leads, Transcend launched hyper-targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns in the upper-funnel strategy, by leveraging custom audience lists and intent-optimized creative & messaging.

  6. As part of the bottom funnel strategy, we activated automated email marketing campaigns to nurture the leads, engage them with relevant content and guide them to sign up with Fyxt.

  7. The importance of high-quality, targeted landing pages to convert the visitors can’t be understated. Transcend Digital designed and developed high-impact conversion landing page ( that fits the brand and is optimized to the audience intent to make sure all the leads have a soft place to land to.
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  • 7.1X up arrow
    increase in monthly leads
  • 50% up arrow
    increase in monthly sales qualified calls
  • 3.8X up arrow
    increase in monthly website users
  • 3.1X up arrow
    up average session duration
  • 5.5X up arrow
    increase in LinkedIn page monthly followers
  • 270% up arrow
    increase in organic & direct leads

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SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

Ryan Botwinick
Fyxt CEO

Transcend Digital is an A+ agency for both, strategic and tactical marketing solutions. We set aggressive growth goals for the year, and it felt like we needed to bring an army of marketers to help us hit the targets. I’m so glad we hired Transcend – they run all our Paid Media, SEO & Content, and Email campaigns, and are consistently pivoting to ensure we're seeing strong ROI. They have wealth of knowledge, are flexible and communicative.