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What we do

Our account based marketing (ABM) solutions are designed to help you target high-value accounts with personalized campaigns that speak directly to their needs and pain points. Our approach combines data-driven insights, strategic planning, and creative execution to deliver highly relevant and compelling content that resonates with your target accounts.


  • Increase revenue

  • Improve ROI

  • Achieve better alignment with sales

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Improve brand reputation

Increase revenue.

By targeting high-value accounts, startups can increase their revenue potential as they engage with customers that are more likely to make a purchase or become a long-term customer.

Improve ROI

Because ABM is a more targeted approach, it typically delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing methods, as startups are not wasting resources on accounts that are unlikely to convert.

Achieve better alignment with sales.

ABM encourages closer collaboration between marketing and sales teams, resulting in a more streamlined and effective sales process. Sales teams are provided with the information, tools, and resources they need to engage with target accounts effectively, which ultimately increases their chances of closing deals.

Increase customer loyalty.

By tailoring all communications, content, and campaigns to specific accounts, startups can establish stronger relationships with customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Improve brand reputation.

By creating personalized messaging and content that resonates with target accounts, startups can improve their brand reputation and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.




  • Limited resources: Startups face the challenge of personalizing the buyer's journey, which means tailoring all communications, content, and campaigns to specific accounts. This requires a significant amount of resources, including a skilled marketing team capable of creating personalized messaging and content that resonates with each account. Startups must ensure they have the right team in place to execute an effective ABM strategy.
  • Fragmented sales process: Another challenge startups face with ABM is the need for marketing and sales teams to work closely together. Marketing needs to provide sales with the right information, tools, and resources to engage with target accounts effectively. Sales teams must also be aligned with the marketing strategy to maximize the impact of the ABM campaign. Startups need to have a streamlined sales process in place that enables both teams to work seamlessly and achieve their objectives.
  • Incomplete understanding of target audience: Startups need to know their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in and out to develop an effective ABM strategy. Understanding the specific characteristics and pain points of the target accounts is essential to personalize the messaging, content, and campaigns that resonate with each account. Startups must research and analyze their ICP to gain insights into their customers' behavior, preferences, and needs, enabling them to create a successful ABM campaign.

Account Based Marketing solutions for startups

  • ABM strategy
  • ABM campaign execution
  • Demand-based ABM
  • ABM HubSpot
  • ABM in sales

Why Transcend

  • Premium Solutions

    premium solutions

    At Transcend we combine custom design and A+ development solutions with data intelligence to deliver unmatched results. Our team has an excellent track record of launching custom website applications for brands across the globe.


    We start with an in-depth research of your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas, we analyze audience behaviors to create tailored customer experiences that drive engagement.

  • Award-winning team

    award-winning team

    We're a team of  100+ engineers, designers and business analysts. We have expertise in a variety of technologies, databases and third-party systems to create unique, modern and responsive websites.


    Data-driven strategy

    Data is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the best customer experiences are built off of diligent analyses of consumer & market data and rigorous testing plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is account-based marketing?

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on targeting high-value accounts or customers by tailoring all communications, content, and campaigns to those specific accounts. It involves identifying the key decision-makers and stakeholders within the target accounts, understanding their pain points, and creating personalized messaging and content that resonates with them.

  • What are ABM campaign examples?

    ABM campaigns can take many forms, but some common examples include targeted email campaigns, personalized landing pages, social media advertising, and account-based retargeting. For instance, a B2B software company might create a personalized landing page for a specific account, featuring messaging that addresses the account's specific needs and pain points.

  • What are account-based marketing tactics?

    Account-based marketing tactics typically involve a combination of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Inbound tactics may include content marketing, SEO, and social media engagement, while outbound tactics may include targeted email campaigns, direct mail, and personalized advertising. ABM also involves tactics such as account profiling, buyer persona research, and lead nurturing.

  • What is B2B account-based marketing?

    B2B account-based marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on targeting high-value accounts or customers in the business-to-business (B2B) space. It involves identifying the key decision-makers and stakeholders within the target accounts, understanding their pain points, and creating personalized messaging and content that resonates with them. ABM in B2B also involves working closely with sales teams to ensure alignment and maximized impact.

  • Is Account Based Marketing the right marketing strategy for my startup?

    Tech startups can benefit from account-based marketing (ABM) when they are targeting specific high-value accounts or customers with personalized and targeted messaging.

    Startups that have a small customer base, a high customer lifetime value, and a longer sales cycle can benefit from ABM. ABM can help startups in the following scenarios:

    • Targeting high-value accounts: ABM is effective for startups that are targeting specific accounts or customers with a high potential for revenue.
    • Personalized messaging: ABM allows startups to create personalized and targeted messaging for each account or customer, which can increase engagement and conversions.
    • Long sales cycle: If the sales cycle is long, ABM can help to keep the target accounts or customers engaged throughout the process.
    • Niche products or services: If the startup offers niche products or services, ABM can help to reach the right audience.

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