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Ceribell is a leading medical equipment manufacturer based in Sunnyvale. It stands out as the first to combine critical care monitoring with neurodiagnostic capabilities, thanks to its groundbreaking AI-powered point-of-care EEG diagnostic system. This innovation is transforming the management of seizures in acute care settings. Ceribell aims to expand access to EEG diagnostics, making them more effective and cost-efficient.

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As Ceribell experienced rapid growth, it faced the challenge of ensuring its marketing technology infrastructure could adequately support its expanding operations. This situation prompted a need for a critical assessment to determine if the current systems were scalable and capable of handling increased demands. Additionally, Ceribell aimed to refine its approach to utilizing first-party data. This was essential for driving more targeted and effective marketing strategies in the future.

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Transcend Digital conducted a thorough audit of Ceribell's marketing infrastructure:

  1. Assessing usability of each platform.
  2. Evaluation of first, second, and third-party data usage.

  3. Comprehensive tech infrastructure analysis including CMS, Web Analytics, Tag Management, CRM, Marketing Automation, and Business Intelligence.
  4. Development of a MarTech heat map to pinpoint strengths, areas for improvement, system redundancies, and gaps in cross-system integrations.
  5. Assessed Social and SEM programs, offering strategies to enhance digital visibility and search engine discoverability.
  6. Evaluated targeting strategies, suggesting multivariate testing, segmentation, and personalization for improved engagement.
  7. Creation of a cost-benefit platform implementation map.
  8. A detailed findings report and an optimization roadmap, categorizing immediate versus long-term priorities.
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  • Earned a spot on Fast Company's 2023 World's Most Innovative Companies list.
  • 2.75Xboost in organic traffic, partially due to contributions from Transcend Digital's recommendations.
  • Raised a total funding of $138M

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SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

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