Skillit - connecting families with makers for educational, memorable experiences.

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Skillit operates in a unique space by offering experiences rooted in education and skill-building for families. Connecting experts in every field (Makers) with avid families looking to create memories with their kids. Think Uber for an on-demand class/experience booking.

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As a new player in the space, dominated by indirect competitors like Groupon and AirBnB Experiences, it was important to get the messaging and content delivery to resonate from prelaunch to educate their audience about the unique Skillit offerings. Skillit approached us to create a pre social-launch strategy to grow their user engagement prior to debuting their flagship platform.

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Our goal was to define a social presence among their ideal client profiles through Instagram and TikTok in preparation for the launch.

  1. Developed content strategy built around engagement, local hashtag optimization and channel delivery specific to greater Las Vegas.
  2. Content calendar delivery that maximized engagement opportunities and non-follower page interactions.
  3. Content execution designed for maximum engagement, watch time and content interactions.
  4. Community outreach and management with specific focus on ICP engagement, follower nurturing and Instructor recruiting.
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  • 233%increase in direct organic social traffic to the website
  • 26.2Korganic views on social launch reel
  • 339%increase in Instagram profile visits
  • 241%increase in content interactions (likes, comments, saves, shares)

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SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

SaaS startup disrupts real estate property management tech market

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