CX optimization drives 3x conversion rate uplift

PMD Beauty is a premier beauty company offering smart beauty tools and skincare products.



  • eCommerce


  • HubSpot, Shopify


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PMD Beauty is an eCommerce company

that produces skin care devices

and products. The daily-use tools

provide customers with at home deep

cleansing and massage treatments

using patented technology.

The devices also enable deeper

absorption of skincare products.



PMD Beauty doubled down on their ecommerce strategy and digital conversion during the pandemic, investing heavily in a replatform to Shopify. Without any in-house technology team, they relied on Transcend to guide their conversion process, and later to maintain and improve their web properties. PMD Beauty also operates multiple global storefronts, each with their own supply chain and fulfillment channels. Transcend led PMD Beauty's international localization efforts both on their websites as well as custom middleware for routing orders to the proper distribution warehouse for customers worldwide.




  • PMD Beauty is always looking to optimize their market intelligence in order to better serve their customers. Transcend helped implement and optimize multiple analytics tools to improve conversion rates across the board.
  • Successful initiatives included implementing Rebuy to support customizable, exclusive in-cart discounts which resulted in a boost to AOV, as well as designing a 'sticky' add-to-cart UX for web and mobile.
  • PMD Beauty also needed a way to ensure their inventory and sales figures were always consistent between their Shopify stores, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and each of their fulfillment warehouses. Transcend built out an intelligent middleware to handle global fulfillment logistics and inventory management.
  • PMD Beauty has a very high-quality-content-rich site that still needed fast load times to support the best customer experience possible. Transcend designed and implemented a custom headless architecture using Shopify and Prismic in order to maximize content handling and page speed.
  • Transcend also did a pagespeed audit using Google Lighthouse in order to optimize the entire website in accordance with Google Core Web Vitals. Transcend took very low mobile scores and brought the entire site up to Web Vitals standards, optimizing SEO for the best user experience possible.
  • In order for PMD Beauty to have a fully accessible web experience, Transcend did a thorough ADA audit, and ultimately overhauled the site to ensure full ADA compliance
  • To best serve their customers, Transcend helped PMD introduce HelpScout and facilitate interactive customer chat support, as well as proactive sales team engagement directly from the website.



  • 3X boost in conversion rate for Direct Traffic
  • 1.6X up arrow conversion rate uplift for Organic Traffic
    15% up arrow faster avg. page load time
  • ADA compliance and international localization

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