Product launch done right: beauty brand sees 30% increase in sales

Tara Formula produces gentle, yet effective formulas that go beneath the surface to reveal the best skin yet.



  • eCommerce


  • HubSpot, Shopify




Tara is a beauty company, with global operations across 7 markets. Tara is where the best of nature, modern science and time-tested heritage meet.



Launching a new product on a new market is never an easy task even for heavy-weight brands (remember Amazon Fire?).

Tara Formula partnered with Transcend Digital to build a strategy to disrupt the beauty category in the US. Tara tasked Transcend to develop an encompassing go-to-market plan and execute on it, driving sales at efficient ROAS.




Beauty & Cosmetics sector in the US is a highly competitive space. Beauty industry is also notorious for its customers disloyalty. To succeed, brands need to clearly communicate their value proposition, build engaging communities, double-down on customer experience and consistently produce high-quality content.

  • We started by identifying the buyer personas, their needs, what they prioritize when they shop for hair-care products. We then performed an in-depth research of consumers purchasing behaviors to identify insights into consumer intent. This helped us make data-driven decisions about the creative and messaging.
  • Transcend launched an omni-channel digital marketing campaign to generate brand awareness and build interest among prospecting audiences
  • Implemented remarketing strategy to drive consideration by promoting unique selling proposition points and product benefits
  • Efficiently captured high-intent shoppers with dynamic, catalog ads
  • Transcend Digital deployed a CRM solution and integrated it with marketing platforms to create cohesive and relevant experiences to the customers.



  • 12X Growth YOY
    omni-channel marketing strategy & execution driving explosive growth across targeted markets
  • 25% up arrow CTR increase in Social
  • 42% up arrow conversion rate increase in Social
  • 20x down arrow increase in Display sales

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