Holiday season brings 12x increase in traffic

The Microdose Co helps elevate the coffee routine and feel focused, clear and functional without any of the jitters or crash.



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Calling all coffee lovers! How many cups of coffee do you drink every day? We love coffee, but no one likes that feeling when energy spike dies out and the loss of energy hits. The team at Microdose Co came up with a brilliant idea: to fortify the coffee with performance supplements to decrease jitters, eliminate midday crash, and improve focus! And just like that - the secret formula was developed.



The Microdose Co brough Transcend Digital to develop the marketing strategy to effectively capture and convert high-intent shoppers during the end-of-the-year holiday gift-giving season.




We started by analyzing the audience behaviors: who they are, where we can find them and what they prioritize. Through the research we learned that Microdose target audience is often times not fully aware of the healthy benefits the superfoods and mushroom supplements provide. This makes total sense, as the product niche is still relatively new and hasn't become mainstream, yet. This lead us thinking to win customers' hearts and minds we should create highly engaging and educational content.

  • We developed a full-funnel digital marketing strategy with the goal to introduce the new product on the market, drive engagement and capitalize on favorable market conditions (it was holiday season!).
  • Our team took client's media assets (photos, videos, logo and other brand materials) and converted them into high-impact brand video ad (30s) and benefit-oriented still imagery ads.
  • Holiday season for advertisers could turn in a complete disaster if paid media dollars aren't allocated properly. Keeping that in mind, in our social ads we targeted lookalike audiences based off of Instagram followers - doing so allowed us to reach shoppers that are more likely to engage with our content, at scale. Our ads drove awareness and generated video views at $0.07 CPV during the highly competitive time of the year.
  • Consumers navigate through complex journeys and need to make decisions quickly. And sometimes this means being wowed by seeing how others enjoyed it. We wanted to reconnect with those audiences that engaged with our content (video viewers, engaged website visitors) but haven't made a purchase by demonstrating the benefits of the product through user-generated content (UGC) and leading with undeniable offers.
  • Lastly, we leveraged custom-intent audiences on Google Network to get in front of customers that previously expressed interest in the topic to capture the intent.
  • To break the purchase barrier, the Microdose Co was offering free trials to first-time customers. Transcend Digital developed a marketing plan to promote free trial sachets (just pay shipping).



  • 17X up arrow increase in overall traffic to the website

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