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With a whopping $38 ROI, Email Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing whendone right.


We build, design, and manage email marketing campaigns at scale. Our targeted marketing automation solutions help you convert prospects into engaged users and engaged users into paying customers.


email marketing CHALLENGES

Uncoordinated promotion methods, low client volume, and significant business loss can result from a lack of understanding of email marketing and how to maximize email campaigns for B2B and B2C transactions.  The following are the most commonly occurring issues with email marketing:

  • Poor deliverability
  • Clickthrough rate and open rate is insufficient
  • Subscriber churn is high
  • Spam complaints are at an all-time high
  • The active contacts ratio is insufficient

Do not let this affect your company. Be smart with your digital marketing spending and online advertising by utilizing conversion-focused email marketing services from the leading email marketing providers.

Our Solutions

Transcend Digital provides a wide range of email marketing services tailored to your brand's needs, target market, and budget segments.

We focus above all else on interacting with our customers to understand their vision, objectives, and pain areas truly. We depend primarily on our profound technology experience to ensure that we handle today's issues and the future's potential without losing track of the ultimate objective - to create actual business outcomes that you can track and quantify.

Email marketing is productive only when it is implemented strategically and optimized continuously. Numerous elements come into play, from email deliverability to credible content and engaging call-to-action. There are multiple obstacles and difficulties along the path which marketers must consider.

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drip campaigns
drip campaigns

Welcome Series
Customer win-back
cart abandonment
cross-sell campaigns

Lead nurture

email blast
email blast

contact list segmentation
deliverability optimization
custom template
multivariant testing
tracking & reporting


email list management
conditional follow-ups
high-impact templates
cross-device rendering
product & service promo

ESP migration
esp migration

vendor research & vetting
strategic demo sessions
data migration
integration setup
domain authentication

Email Marketing Automation

Drip marketing (aka lifecycle email marketing) is an email marketing optimization approach that employs marketing automation software to deliver a series of automatic emails based on durations and user actions.

Some of the benefits of drip email marketing using ESP software include:

  • Enhances control over email copy and frequency of delivery
  • Assists in the exact segmentation of emails
  • Allows for the customization of email
  • Enhances control over email copy and frequency of delivery
  • Provides fundamental analytics, such as clickthrough rates
  • Capable of connecting drip marketing programs to additional tools

Transcend digital is a force to be reckoned with regard to email marketing automation. We will assess your existing strategy, assist in developing short- and long-term email marketing goals, and create lifecycle email campaigns that will alter your customers' perceptions of your company. Our email marketing automation services:

  • initial audit (contact segmentation evaluation, audience targeting assessment, optimization opportunities)
  • ongoing list management
  • workflows build-out
  • template design
  • personalized copy development
  • tracking & measurement set up
  • taxonomy implementation
  • deliverability optimization ("LITMUS" spam filter test, client's IP monitoring through SNDS (Microsoft), Hetrix
  • ongoing email campaign performance analysis and optimization (clickthrough rates, open rates, data cleanse, subscribe/ list growth and unsubscribe rate)
  • reporting

Email Blast

We employ innovative email blast software to ensure that businesses receive the best email marketing and verify that your email blasts comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Our email blasting service comprises the following:

  • management of email lists
  • custom template design
  • tracking and analysis of campaigns
  • optimization recommendations


Transcend Digitals' email newsletter service keeps your consumers and prospects informed about your brand promotions, product changes, and other marketing efforts. As the leading email marketing service provider, we offer an affordable email newsletter service that takes care of all technical aspects for you. Our email newsletter service provides the following features:

  • Customized email campaigns
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Management of email newsletter lists
  • Promotion of products and services

ESP Migration

Does your present ESP meet your needs, or do you have to upgrade to a more capable platform? Are you having trouble with your reporting, data, or integrations? As your email marketing provider, we assist you in evaluating your alternatives to maximize your email marketing ROI. Among our email marketing services are the following:

  • Research and evaluation
  • Initial audit
  • Demonstrations
  • ESP onboarding
  • Data transfer
  • Post-migration support

Why Transcend


    Data-driven campaign management

    You can't treasure what you can't measure. We implement taxonomy and integrate tracking solutions. We test and optimize every aspect of your email campaign, from the subject line and send schedules to the email content. 

  • Exclusive Technology

    comprehensive suite of email services

    We provide end-to-end email marketing solutions: from strategy development, to tailored template design, to tracking and measurement.


    Holistic Approach

    We begin by analyzing your ideal customer profile data, consumer on-site behaviors and campaign historical performance to segment your contact list and ensure your emails get to the right recipients at the right moment.

  • Specialty Skill

    Experienced Email Marketing Specialists

    We're a team a fully certified email marketing experts. We know what's working today. Our team works relentlessly to deliver tailored, ROI-focused email solutions to the clients.


  • How does email marketing work for your business?

    Email marketing is the digital marketing process of sending promotional messages to existing and potential customers in a bid to generate and increase leads, traffic, sales, and profits or the bottom line. It basically involves using email for marketing purposes.


    Digital and online marketing through email and social networks have become vital in communicating and interacting with customers. But despite the increased popularity of social networks, email marketing remains one of the best ways to communicate with customers and audiences.


    • An effective email marketing campaign requires you to put in some work and learn about your customers. The first thing you need is an active Email List, a database of all your potential and interested customers. Remember, you cannot force people to read your emails. Thus, anyone on your email list must have signed up voluntarily to be receiving your messages. Buying email lists is one characteristic of a campaign that's doomed to fail.

    • Once your email list is ready, it's time to get an email service provider (ESP), an email marketing platform like us, Transcend Digital, to help design, execute, automate, and manage your email marketing campaign.

    • Finally, you have to align your email list and ESP to the goals of the campaign. Do you want to boost brand awareness, drive sales, increase customer engagement and loyalty, or generate leads?
  • What are the benefits of email marketing?

    • It's simple, effective, and affordable. Email marketing enables business owners to communicate with a vast group of clients at a cheap cost per message.
    • It enables you to pass information directly to clients, in their mailbox, at their convenience. 
    • When used correctly, email marketing software enables you to greet people by name, segment specific themes for certain individuals on your list, and ultimately arrive privately in their mailbox.
    • Can be more successful than social media in acquiring new customers.
    • Email marketing is a science that requires no guesswork. You can trace who opened their email, visited links, and how many individuals unsubscribed when using any email marketing program. Email marketing statistics are essential to keep in mind as you assess your overall internet marketing approach.
    • Email is an excellent opportunity to collect vital consumer data to create more deliberate and meaningful client touchpoints.
    • Email enables you to integrate your marketing channels, resulting in a seamless and consistent buyer's experience.
  • Why is email marketing effective?

    The goal of any marketing campaign is to boost your bottom line in the end. Email marketing ranks as the most effective digital marketing campaign with a $38 ROI for every dollar spent. When done right, email marketing can bring you tremendous results.


    Email is effective because:


    • Its permission-based, meaning you're a step closer to a sale once a customer agrees to be receiving your messages.
    • It gives you direct access to your audience.
    • You're in control of your work without having to worry about algorithms affecting the number of people you reach, as it happens with social media.
    • It's easily scalable without straining your resources.
    • It's easy to personalize content based on demographic and psychographic traits and significantly boost your revenue.
  • What are the benefits of hiring an email marketing agency?

    Marketing expertise from an entire team

    One of the greatest benefits of hiring an email marketing agency is that you gain the benefit of an entire team of planners, designers, copy-writers and SEO experts who possess a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience. This makes far more sense than either attempting to do it yourself or hiring a single marketer.


    In-depth Knowledge

    When you hire a digital email marketing agency, you have all the experience in the execution of online strategies at your disposal. This means that none of the actions of your business will be executed randomly. Therefore, when choosing an agency, make sure it can provide you with a track record that shows the results it has achieved and the projects it has carried out.

  • What makes a good email marketing agency in 2023?

    Not every email marketing agency can be trusted. Beware of agencies that "talk big" but have no portfolio or good references in their books. Here are some of the qualities of a good email marketing agency: 


    Modern technology

    The first step in looking for a good email marketing agency is to check whether they have the required technology and the right people to use it. Effective email marketing requires modern technology that makes it possible to personalize messages sent to your business's audience. 


    Efficient mailing list management

    Contact list segmentation and management is one of the fundamental features of any email service. 


    Look for a portfolio

    When trying to find the right email marketing agency, you'll want to look for a portfolio. A portfolio gives you insight into the work a company does for its clients. You want to see samples of their work to help you decide if they are a good fit for your business.

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