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We specialize in finding, hiring and placing IT talent in healthcare, medical and pharma organizations. Our tailored IT staffing solutions help you stay ahead of the game. We know how to recruit top performers and scale IT teams rapidly.

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Today, the tech labor market has become increasingly competitive. The success of an organization depends on the ability to find the best workforce with the right skills when you need them. As a hiring manager, you have a responsibility to build an efficient team that meets the company's productivity standards. Some of the most common challenges faced by recruiters include:

  • Sourcing the best talent. It is difficult to grab the attention of talented candidates, especially in saturated markets.
  • Recruitment in specialty fields. Hiring is even more problematic when it comes to specialty roles. These niche fields require specific qualifications, extensive experience or specialized learning.
  • Recruitment for managerial positions. Getting the right candidates for senior positions with experience and outstanding leadership skills requires more time.
  • Recruiting on short deadlines. Urgent hiring may lead to quality problems, thus costing the company more money.

healthcare IT Staffing Solutions

At Transcend Digital, we have a proven IT staffing and hiring process for the healthcare industry that allows us to effectively recruit qualified candidates. Our pre-screening process is vigorous and involves analyzing aspects like education levels, performance, work experience, and behaviors. With continuous monitoring and support, we ensure that you get only quality candidates.


Our premier Healthcare IT staffing solutions include:

  • Outsourcing highly-skilled talent for software development and engineering roles
  • Partnership with organizations to provide long-term hiring solutions
  • Providing a permanent and temporary workforce
  • Ensure compliance (HIPPA) in a rapidly changing technology environment

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Why Transcend

  • Exclusive Technology

    Exclusive IT Staffing Services

    Finding, hiring and placing top 1% of IT engineers, developers, data scientists, business analysts into organizations on-demand.
  • Specialty Skill

    Specialty Skills

    Hard to find, niche technology skill sets are our specialty! (software engineers, data engineers, software developers: Salesforce architects, .NET developers)
  • On-demand staffing

    On-Demand Staffing

    Find talent when you need it most. We have the ability to scale teams rapidly. We work collaboratively with client teams to clearly formulate recruitment strategies, timelines, budgets and team structures.
  • Fully-vetted Talent

    Fully-Vetted Talent

    All of our consultants have been hand-picked by our in-house recruiting teams to assure they meet all client standards prior to consultant submisssion.

Our Specialties

Development IT Staffing

EDI Developers (HIPPA), Pega / Java Developers, LifeRay web developers, Disaster recovery, Engineers, Architects, Cloud & DevOps, Network Admins, Quality Assurance, Test Engineers (HP/ALM, QTP)

Creative & Design IT Staffing

Front End, UX/UI, 

Product Design, UX Research, Marketing

Project Management IT Staffing
Project Management

EMR/EHR Project Managers, Technical Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Coordinators, Business Program Managers

Strategy & Operations IT Staffing
Strategy & Operations

Technology operations, business development & strategy, product strategy & development, business analysts (SDLC, Claims Processing, ICD-10), partnerships

Data IT Staffing
DATA Intelligence

Data Scientists, Biostatisticians, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Cognos BI Engineers, Big Data architects, Business Analysts, Data Warehouse programmers, Data Lake programmers

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Project Outsourcing


    Outsourcing a dedicated development team if you need coverage for a project. Team can consist of: developers, UI/UX design, quality assurance, business analysts, project management, and more. 

    This model works best if you are looking to increase in-house efficiency, reduce or redirect costs.

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Team Augmentation


    A permanent hire is not always the best option. Staff augmentation model allows you to hire temporary workers to scale your software development operations on demand.


    Best option if you are trying to save time and money hiring a full-time employee or are currently using a fully-offshore team and having communication & quality issues. In this article we explain the benefits of staff augmentation model in detail.

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Permanent Hire


    Cut the time it takes to staff for open roles. Have a specialized team with the knowledge, skills, and network to help you attract top talent.

    This is the best option if you have difficulty finding qualified candidates through your internal teams, processes.

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Client Immersion

We start by discussing the candidate requirements for the particular role in terms of skills, experience, salary, timelines and the number of employees needed.


Once the requirements are identified, we begin the talent search for open roles. We use multiple resources to build the pool of top-skilled candidates, including deep candidate database, AI sourcing tool, media channels, external resources and databases of passive experienced professionals.

Interview & Feedback

We vet the talent by reviewing and qualifying applications, interviewing the candidates. We shortlist candidates matching the requirements in terms of skills, experience, culture fit and behavioral attributes.

Onboarding & Support

We track the entire interview process, negotiate salary parameters, assist in MSA paperwork, timesheets invoicing, provide onboarding assistance to vendor platforms.

We've been fortunate to work with some fantastic teams

We have the expertise and network to deliver the most qualified Healthcare IT candidates

Transcend Digital is L.A.-based IT staffing agency specializing in finding, hiring and placing the most qualified tech talent in healthcare organizations. Unlike other recruiting agencies, we take time to understand your business challenges and needs to send only the best candidates, keeping meetings-to-close number lower than other companies.

  • Work with a dedicated hiring manager who handles all aspects of the hiring process
  • Gain access to our pre-screened and qualified database of IT professionals specialized in healthcare field: administrative, care-related, medical imaging, laboratory, patient-care, medical device, management, billing and insurance software development and engineering
  • Fill the role in as little as 2 days
  • 100% risk-free, no placement fees
"Transcend’s flexibility to find resources and build a team that fits my vision and work culture was incredible. I trusted them to build an effective technical team for me and Transcend delivered as promised."
- Saravana S. (Marlo) grey Tick


Getting started is faster
than your morning brew.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does IT staffing company like Transcend Digital do?

    When a company is in a growth mode, they need new employees but often do not have the time to recruit them. Furthermore they may not be in a position to know exactly what they need. IT staffing companies simplify the process of bringing in the required talent and give business the flexibility to scale rapidly.

    IT staffing companies match companies and job candidates. They identify the requirements, source, screen and interview the candidates.

    IT staffing company is different from a recruitment agency. IT staffing company has employees in its payroll who can be hired out to other companies for temporary or long-term work.

  • Why and when use IT staffing company?

    Using IT staffing company is a time and money saver. It offers quality talent and minimizes risks. You may need staffing services if you are:
    • Looking for specific skills, experts in a certain field
    • Need to ramp up a team quickly
    • If your business is seasonal
    • Need to test candidates before committing
    • Looking to cut down on recruitment costs
  • How do different IT staffing models compare?

    • Temporary staffing services. Staffing firm supplies employees to clients in special work situations such as employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads and special assignments and projects.
    • Contract-to-hire (temp-to-hire). In this arrangement a client and a candidate try out a role before committing to full-time employment. A staffing agency and an employer determine the length of time for employment. At the end of this trial, an employer decides whether to hire the contractor as a permanent employee.
    • Direct hire. A direct hire is a recruitment made directly by a company to fill a long-term need. Direct hires become employees of the company. The position is permanent and inclusive of all company benefits.
  • What makes a great IT staffing company in 2022?

    A proven method of sourcing the best candidates is key when going from good to great. At Transcend, we use multiple resources to build the pool of top-skilled IT candidates, including deep candidate database, AI sourcing tool, and external resources and job boards.