Markett connects an on-demand sales force with industry leading brands.




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Markett is a for the people by the people marketing company, with the mission to put the billions of dollars brands spend on ads every year into the pockets of their greatest advocates. Markett gives customers the ability to earn monetary rewards from brands through marketing products by word-of-mouth.


Markett was a startup seeking to build a disruptive MVP web application that they could launch and raise money against. Markett demanded an impeccable customer experience as it was critical for investors and brand onboarding


  • Customer Experience – Defined brand guidelines and UI / UX principles across web application
  • Strategy – Worked with Markett’s operations team to create processess internally that mapped to technology and business objectives.
  • Technology – Developed a scalable web application that put Markett in a position to raise VC
  • Data – Database architecture and dashboarding giving client insight into operations, bottlenecks, economics, etc.
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